Thursday, August 30, 2012

Friday's Letters

Even though Ashley isn't hosting an official link party this week, I still wanted to keep this weekly routine going. It seems to be one of the few blogging-related things that I've been able to continually keep up with and not falling behind (like a certain 30-day challenge).

Dear Isaac, I'm grateful that you skipped over us and simply blessed us with some rain. You also got us to get our butts in gear and beef up our emergency kit. Dear Dad, thanks for calling yesterday to check in on us and make sure we made it through the storm okay. Dear students, I understand that you don't like Cornell notes. You, however, must understand that I am required to have you use them. And my job is more important to me than you disliking the formatting of our class notes. Sometimes we all must do things we don't like. Dear Periwinkle, Daddy (yes, we're those people) will be taking you to the vet this afternoon while I'm still teaching. I hope your little visit doesn't cost us big bucks, but I'm not holding my breath. Dear brother-in-law, congrats on the new house and officially becoming a homeowner! Looking forward to seeing it this weekend. Dear Labor Day weekend, you will be officially starting at 3:36 today when I'm finally off of work and heading home to start our Atlanta road trip. Dear student body, today is your first pep rally. I'm praying your shouting won't induce a migraine right before my road trip. Dear laundry, could you do me a favor and fold yourself? It would make searching for clothes in the morning and packing my bags for this weekend so much easier. Dear F, I'm so glad you finally announced Baby #2 on Facebook! Now I don't have to hide a secret anymore!

I hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend!

P.S. So, I just realized I never hit 'publish' earlier. Oops! Oh well, better late than never, right?

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