Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Six Degrees

Ok, let's see if you can follow along....

A little while ago, I came across Alyssa's blog. I really wish I could remember how I stumbled across it? It was probably a Pinterest Challenge or maybe I read a comment she made on someone else's blog. Either way, I started following her blog, The Bee's Knees.

A few weeks ago, Alyssa started writing Friday Letters, which are hosted by Ashley over at Adventures of Newlyweds

Part of the idea of Friday Letters is not only to link up your letter in hopes of getting more blog traffic, but you're also suppose to visit at least 5 other blogs that have linked up as well. Basically to spread the joy. So visiting I did.

About 2 or 3 weeks ago, via the Friday Letters link up, I came across Sarah's corner of the blogosphere named The Sweetness of Laughter. Loved her personality, and decided to add her blog to my daily blog feed. 

Not only did I add her to my blog feed, but decided to follow her on Instagram as well. I started to notice that she would post pictures of a journal with "#shereadstruth" as part of the description. After seeing this a couple of times, I became intrigued. So I googled. Because that's what any sane person would do, right?

And, from googling (is that even a word? cause it definitely sounds dirty...), I came across yet another blog called... wait for it... #SheReadsTruth. Shocking, huh? Don't know what else I was expecting.

So, if you managed to keep up with that long winded story about how I ended up at #SheReadsTruth, I'm hoping you'll hold on for just a little bit longer to hear about this awesome blog and what their doing. I should probably preface this by saying that they have no idea who I am. But I'm loving what they are doing so much so that I wanted to share with the few those who read this little ole blog.

Basically, the ladies over at #SheReadsTruth have set up a daily devotion through YouVersion that you can follow along with. But the coolest part, is that you can go back to their blog and share what you've learned from the day's reading as well as read comments from others who are participating in the devotional and see how God has spoken to them. And, by using the hashtag, you can follow along with both Twitter and Instagram too. It's becoming on large accountability group through the use of social media. How cool is that?

So, after reading Sarah's blog, I started to feel convicted about to get back into reading my bible. It might only be a bible app on my phone, but scripture is scripture. And I felt like this online community was a great way to try and get back into that routine.

They just started a new plan yesterday, so if you're interested, it's not too late to join! This plan is walking through the book of Proverbs - one chapter a day. Pretty doable. Just head on over to #SheReadsTruth for all the information on how to join (they explain it so much better than I ever could!).

Again, #SheReadsTruth doesn't know that I or this little blog exists. I'm not getting any perks from this post. I just simply am excited about getting back into the Word and wanted to share it others who might also be interested in playing along.


  1. Aww I am so glad I could be an encouragement to you! #SheReadsTruth has been so important to my growth this summer and I pray that god works in you the way He has been working in me :)


    1. Oh, and you should hop over to my blog...I have a surprise for you :)

  2. I absolutely love the encouragement in the blogging community! Such a sweet post this is. :)

    1. I can get lost for hours hopping from blog to blog. :) Thanks for stopping by!



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