Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Favorite Part

I've been working away in my classroom trying to get things organized. I'm also in the process of painting a large map of the United States on one of my classroom walls. My mom is coming into town today to help me (hopefully!) finish the map and get a couple of other things done. If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen a couple of "in progress" shots of the map. I'm hoping to do a full post on my classroom as soon as everything is basically in order.

Tomorrow I officially have to report back to school, even though I've been there all week anyways. And the kiddos come back next Thursday. I'm getting the feeling that I'm going to fail at finishing this whole Thirty Things challenge before school starts, but I'm going to keep on trucking anyways...

#27. What is your favorite part of your body and why?

This is a tough one.... I've always struggled with self esteem and body image. Never took it to the extreme though. I've always thought I was on the heavier side. I wore larger clothing than all of my friends. I was always the "big girl" in the softball team pictures. It's so funny though. I look back on pictures of me from high school and wonder why I ever thought so poorly about myself back then. I wasn't big. I wasn't fat. I was average. I was normal. A healthy average/normal.

But back to the question. Favorite body part? My first instinct was to say my mouth. Sometimes (and this is a little embarrassing to admit) when I'm talking on the phone with someone, I'll sit/stand in front of a mirror and just watch my mouth move. I find it interesting to watch how the mouth forms to make certain sounds and noises. I wonder if I was a speech pathologist in a past life.

But when I thought about it more, I realized my favorite part of my body is my feet.

Yep. My feet. People always laugh at my feet. I have a habit of wiggling them without realizing it. The other night we had friends over to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics. I looked over, and my friend was waving. At first I thought she was waving at her son, but then I realized he'd gone to sleep already. She was waving at my foot, which seemed to be waving back! It's gotten to the point where my husband and our friends have started videotaping my feet without me knowing it to show me the crazy movements they make.

Because people pay so much attention to my feet, I've started to take really good care of them. Even though I rarely go for pedicures (I've only been 3 times in my life), I still make a point to keep my nails looking nice and polished. And if they don't look that way? Well, I trade in my typical flip flops (I do live in Florida after all) for close-toed shoes.

I've learned to love my crazy, wiggling, waving feet. Tiny nails and all! What is your favorite part of your body?

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