Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pinterest Challenge: Cleaning Techniques

So, this time around for the Pinterest Challenge I couldn't decide on one pin I wanted to try. (To see my previous Pinterst Challenge projects, check out these posts here and here.) Instead, I tested out a couple of pins. All of the pins that I tested had to do with "miracle" cleaning solutions. Basically, you use simple everyday ingredients that you find in your pantry to clean your house rather than the fumey store bought cleaners. Since I've been on vacation the past two weeks, and home by myself while the hubby is at work, I figured I'd try some of these ideas and see if they were worth incorporating into our cleaning routine. But, before I share my adventures with Pinterest cleaning, I thought I'd share this funny pin:

Isn't that so true? Anyways, on to the cleaning, shall we? First on the agenda was cleaning the dust on the ceiling fans around our apartment. The hubby pointed out a couple of weeks ago that they were collecting, and I decided it was finally time to get on that. I should point out that I hate cleaning ceiling fans. First of all, it requires me to climb up on something so that I can reach them, and even then I'm on my tippy toes. On top of that, the dust gets everywhere! I don't know about you, but typically our ceiling fans are right above our sofa or bed, and having to clean dust off of two surfaces isn't my idea of a good time. Well, in comes some pinspiration: pillow cases!

Why didn't I ever think of that?? Brilliant! First let me show you what I was starting out with. This is our master bedroom ceiling fan.

Check out that dust! I've seen been guilty of much worse. I stood on our bed and was barely able to reach the fan blades. But this process was so simple! Basically all you do is slide the blade inside the pillow case. Then, as you're pulling it off, use your hands to help guide the pillow case to the really dusty parts. I used my fingers to help get the dust off of the metal pieces that connect the blade to the motor (is there a proper name for those??). And let me tell you, this worked great! Very little, to almost no dust fell onto our bed. There were some tiny particles that fell, so guard your eyes, but otherwise, I'd say it was a total success. Here are the after shots...

And the inside of the pillow case...

Yuck! But, I'm just glad that it's no longer sitting above our heads. That was just the dust from one fan. I went on to clean the living room fan as well, which was dustier than the bedroom fan. Total time for both fans was maybe 10 minutes? Figuring out how to reach the fan blades took the longest amount of time.

The next pin that I tested out had to do with the tub in our master bathroom.

This one honestly seemed too good to be true. Just combine equal parts Dawn dish soap and vinegar, combine in spray bottle, spray on tub, wait 1 hour, and wipe/rinse clean. So, I clicked on the pin to take me directly to the instructions to make sure the pin was right. The funny thing about the pin is that it's from The Crafty Patch's Pinterest Tested series. After seeing her success story, I finally had the courage to test it out myself.

So this is what I was starting out with...

Of course Cruz had to get in on the action too!

I used an old Shout spray bottle that I washed out. And I didn't exactly measure equal parts - I just sort of eyeballed it. Then, I followed the steps: spray, wait, wipe. I decided to do what was done in the pin and only spray half the tub to see the impact. Here are the results...

What a difference! It really could not have been any easier. The bottom of the tub just required a little wipe down. The sides, however, required a little more scrubbing. But I think that has to do with the fact that the spray slid down and didn't really stick on for the full hour. And, I can't forget to mention the smell. I don't know about you, but vinegar isn't exactly my fragrance of choice. Otherwise, this cleaning concoction really did the trick! I will definitely be doing this one again.

Although I didn't take any before/after shots of these two cleaning solutions in my own apartment, I still wanted to share these pins and let you know that they both worked really well for me.

If you happen to follow the instructions for cleaning your washing machine, my only tip would be to turn off the machine (for mine you have to push the knob back in) once you've filled it with water and which ever chemical you're using. I forgot to do this step, and after 15 minutes, my top-loader started to drain for the next "cycle" even though the lid was still open. Oops! Live and learn, right? And the dishwasher directions worked perfectly the way they are.

Well, there you have it. I didn't create or cook anything this time around, but I think testing out pins counts for the challenge as well, don't you? Hopefully my experience with these "miracle cleaners" gives some of you the courage to try them out in your own home.

I want to say a big "Thanks!" to the ladies who hosted this edition of the Pinterest Challenge.

Of course you have Sherry and Katie, and this time around their partners in crime are Kate and Michelle. Be sure to check out their blogs to see their projects. And don't forget to link up your challenge project too!

And if you're new here, feel free to stick around a while. You can find out me about me and my stories here, here, and here. Also, I'm currently participating in the Thirty Things challenge which will give you a bit more insight into who I am and what makes me tick. I'm glad you stopped by!


  1. I laughed out loud at that first pin! So true! Glad to know there's a great easy tub cleaning concoction! Unfortunately my cat also loves to sit in the tub so his hair gets everywhere!

    1. I loved that first pin too! Couldn't resist sharing it here. :) Luckily our cats typically stay out of the master tub, but our guest bathroom isn't so lucky. Draino has been our friend in there. :)

  2. What great tips! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am glad to see that the tub concoction worked for you. I have been leery of that one, but I am going to try it now!





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