Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday's Letters

It's time again for our weekly recap. So, without further ado...
Dear Pinterest Challenge, Wow! Over 450 pageviews! Dear Periwinkle, I'm glad you appreciate the newly organized guest bedroom closet. Now that there's an actual floor in there, you seem to like your new sleeping spot. Dear Reese's Klondike Bar, you were amazing! Dear hubby, thanks for keeping me motivated about going to the gym. And thanks for staying on the program even though I think you're way ahead of me when it comes to running. Dear mom, sorry your flight home got delayed. But, I'm not sorry that I laughed when you said that your new hip set off the metal detector. Dear apartment complex, I'm glad we finally figured out what happened to the rent that was given to you. I'm breathing a huge sigh of relief. Dear passport agency, still waiting for my marriage license to be returned to me; looking forward to breathing another sigh of relief. Dear hubby, sorry I woke you up, but thanks for taking care of me when my stomach decided to rage war against me in the middle of the night. Dear Sea World, I'm looking forward to having fun today and checking out the new Turtle Trek. Please don't disappoint. Dear weather, I know this is Florida and afternoon rain storms are typical this time of year, but could you keep it to a minimum today?


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