Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cats Meow: Little Human Friend

It's been a while since the last Cats Meow. I've been so busy with the Thirty Things challenge and enjoying my summer vacation, that it's has totally slipped my mind to do another cat-centered post. Then again, I feel like you guys get enough of my cats on my Instagram sidebar gadget.

Anyways, this past weekend our friends came over with their son (Who happens to be turning 1 today! Happy Birthday BK!) to go swimming. Every time they come over, BK loves to chase after the cats. He has a pet doggy at home (an Austrailian Shepard), so he's accustomed to animals. But, he's also use to being a little more rough with them too.

Cruz has learned to keep his distance. He'll sit next to BK, or lay next to BK. But the minute BK decides it's time to "play," Cruz is up and running. Usually he doesn't run too far, though, which gives the kid the opportunity to chase after him. I think Cruz has learned that BK can't really manhandle him like our niece and nephews can, but, that BK knows how to grab fur like it's nobody's business.

Periwinkle on the other hand, she puts up with BK like a champ. She'll lay on the ground and let him "hug" her. She'll even let him "pet" her ears and her tail. And when she's had enough, she gets up, moves about 2 feet, and lays back down. Of course BK follows her. So they just continue this little dance of theirs until one of them gets bored.

Sorry for the last one being so blurry. All of these were taken with my cell phone which doesn't exactly take the best pictures of kids/pets moving. But I couldn't resist sharing the last one. BK is sitting down eating his cheerios, and Periwinkle is just watching him, waiting for him to drop one. She won't eat them. But she likes to sniff them out and nudge them with her nose.

It's so much fun to watch these two every time BK and his parents come over to visit. It'll be interesting to see how they interact once BK is actually walking on his own and can chase after them more.

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