Saturday, July 14, 2012

Challenge Favorites

The last Pinterest Challenge (hosted by Sherry, Katie, Kate, and Michelle) was amazing! I feel like these challenges are great ways for smaller blogs - like this one - to get more traffic (450+ pageviews for one post?! New record!). Not only that, it takes the inspiration level to new heights. It's one thing to see things on Pinterest. But to see that other people have tested out those pins and to see that it's actually possible to recreate these amazing projects is inspiring.

So I thought it might be fun to do a quick recap of my top 5 favorite challenge projects that I came across and share them with you for some weekend reading. Let's get started!

I think my hands down favorite project is from one of the hosts of this season's challenge, Michelle. I absolutely LOVE her mod podged Atlanta skyline. Reminded me of our trips to Atlanta. I may have tried to convince the hubby that we needed one just like it. And he may have said I was a little crazy.

How pretty is that table? Maria from Our Lake Life hand painted the inlay on their patio table.

This faux-pallet art is so simple, but that's what I love about it. Some wood, paint, a stencil, and a little sanding. Check out Sam's instructions over at The Junk House.

We've all seen the EAT kitchen signs that have been popping up all over pinterest and etsy. But I love how Kara created a WASH sign for her in-progress laundry room. The metallic finish on these is gorgeous. I might just have to get crafty and make a similar project for our tiny laundry room.

Last, but certainly not least, Diane at In My Own Style shared her tips for creating a cute chalkboard sign for any event. Now I'm wishing I had an event to test out this project myself!

Did anyone else participate in the Summer Pinterest Challenge? What were your favorite projects? I for one am seriously looking forward to the next one!

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