Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I forgot to write up a post in advance for today and tomorrow. I'm working this week with a small group of teachers from around the county helping to develop a new character education video series that will hopefully be rolled out across the district in the Fall. I thought I might be in the writing mood when I got home from today, but I'll be honest... I'm simply drained. I'm excited about the work we're doing, but by the time I get home, I'm tired of thinking. I'm tired of processing ideas. I'm tired of rewording things so that they are easy for the masses to understand.

So, forgive me. I'm going to be a little MIA for the remainder of this week. Tomorrow is the last day of the workshop, but Friday we're suppose to be going to Sea World with friends one last time before the hubby's annual pass expires. I'm hoping to get another Friday's Letters post up for this week, but I'm not even sure I'll get that done in enough time.

But, I'll leave you with this. Its something that has been echoing in my mind throughout this week as to what our purpose should be when developing this character education program.

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