Friday, July 27, 2012

Cats Meow: Kisses

I'm not sure if this is typical cat behavior or not, but Periwinkle likes to give us "kisses." Well, I guess technically she thinks she's cleaning us. But we like to think we're getting some lovin' from our cat.

Sometimes they come out of the blue. But usually you have to work for them. First you have to pet her. Then, you nuzzle your nose on the top of her head. After you've done that, she might lift her head up. If so, then you tuck your forehead under her chin. And, if she is so inclined, you might get a kiss. A sand-papery kiss.

I managed to catch it on film using my cellphone the other day. Usually it comes out all blurry. But you can actually see her tongue on Dan's forehead if you look close enough.

Dan is the one who gets multiple kisses in one sitting. Mainly because she works her way to the hair line when she kisses you. Being that my hair is long, once she gets to it, she stops. But since the Hubby has short hair, she'll just keep going and going and get the picture.

This particular day, she decided to keep going towards the Hubby's nose and lips. She started by sniffing them both out. When she got to his mouth, she gave one small kiss.....

...and then proceeded to bite him! Crazy cat!

Anyone else have a cat that likes to give kisses? I know dogs are infamous for it, but I've never seen cats do it.


  1. My kitty, Muffin, only gives kisses when she's really happy to have me home. And that's a rare occasion. But it's super sweet! :)

    Also - enjoyed your Friday Letter!

    1. Good to know other cats do it too. Our youngest cat doesn't give kisses like Periwinkle does. Have a good weekend! :)



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