Friday, June 8, 2012

A Typical Day

Up next on the Thirty Things Challenge.....

#12. Describe a typical day in your current life

Considering this is summer, and I'm a teacher, I don't think any day could really be described as "typical." Even though I'm technically on summer vacation, I signed up to do a couple of workshops throughout the summer to earn a little extra cash to help with our debt snowball. But I figured I'd play along anyways and chronicle all of the things I did one day this week. I chose Wednesday. You'll have to excuse the fact that I forgot to snap pictures along the way.

5:30 AM - First alarm goes off. Hit the snooze buttons multiple times over the next hour.
6:10 AM - Hubby finally rolls out of bed. I can hear him fixing his typical bowl of cereal and turning on the morning news. He also feeds the cats.
6:30 PM - My final alarm goes off on my cell phone. I roll out of bed and head to the bathroom to start getting ready. Eventually the hubby and I are dodging around each other while both getting ready in our master bathroom. Showers, shaving, deodorizing, and getting dressed.
6:55 AM - I head out to the kitchen and make up my bowl of cereal and pour my glass of milk. I notice Cruz trying to "play" with our fish and it reminds me to feed the fish for the morning. As I'm getting ready to sit down and eat, the hubby kisses me goodbye and heads off to work.

7:30 AM - I turn off the TV and the laptop, put away my cereal bowl, and head to the bathroom to brush my teeth and spritz on a little body spray. I fill my cup with some ice water, grab my purse and head out the door.
7:40 AM - Get in car. Call hubby to say hi. Arrive at the workshop in about 5 minutes.  (I love living so close!)
Until 11:45 AM - Work on the day's assigned tasks. This particular workshop focused on curriculum mapping. We managed to finish our maps yesterday, so we started working on adding primary source reading passages to our units.
11:45 AM - Head home for lunch (another perk of living close!). Made up a batch of ramen noodles. Unhealthy choice, but its the only thing that ever sounds good when I'm getting a headache, which had been trying to form since about 10:00. Got an unexpected call from my sister who lives in Georgia. Turns out she's in town. We made plans to meet up tomorrow around lunch time. Decided to start a load of laundry before heading back to work. Realize its raining outside (welcome to Florida!), so I grab umbrella and head out the door.
12:45 PM - Head back to work and continue working on our tasks. There's just 4 of us from the Social Studies department there, and we have an entire classroom to ourselves, so we tend to get a little off topic. But, considering we're still getting everything done and on time, we're not too worried about it.
3:00 PM - Time to go home. Turned on the news and started catching up on my daily blog reads.
4:45 PM - Was feeling really tired and wanted to take a nap. Texted the hubby to tell him so that he wouldn't call me on his way home. Crawled into bed. Then, got a text from my mom about some recent family issues (not going there...). Which led to a phone call. Which led to me not being able to sleep.
5:30 PM - Opened up the laptop again. Continued reading some of my favorite blogs and played on Pinterest for a little while. Found the tip about the instagram widget in the comment section on YHL and was suddenly in the mood to do a little blog revamping (added the widget, wrote post about it, created a new blogroll page, & streamlined sidebar).
6:15 PM - Hubby's finally home. Make up some dinner with the hubby's help. Rotate laundry and start a new load. Decide I'm not in the mood to fold laundry, so I add it to our pile of clean clothes waiting to be put away. Empty the dishwasher and reload it. Clean out the litter boxes. Feed both the cats and fish. Take call from my stepdad regarding the earlier call from my mom. Meanwhile, hubby applies online for another job.
Not quite like this....
8:10 PM - Settle onto the couch with the laptop and turn the TV on. Restaurant Impossible is playing in the background. Get sucked into the Living On Less than $28,000 A Year Series. Start writing this blog post. 
11:20 PM - Realize I can't add photos to this post from the laptop and need to get on the desktop. Realize its way too late to start that task. Hubby starts bugging me to go to bed.
11:30 PM - Crawl into bed. Rub on a little Vicks to help with the tail end of a cold/cough I've been fighting. Hubby falls asleep quickly.
11:50 PM - I finally quit playing solitare and put my phone down. Time to go to sleep.

I'm off next week, then back to work for another workshop the following week. It seems this summer I have every other week off. But that's fine. By the end of a week off I'm ready for something to keep me occupied.

What are you guys up to this summer? Do your schedules change depending on the time of year? Anyone else participating the the Thirty Things Challenge?

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