Friday, June 15, 2012

Seashells & Coins

My Grandma is responsible for this quick and simple update. A few weekends ago she found this glass vase filled with seashells and coins at a yard sale. She bought the vase simply because she wanted to know how much money (in coins mind you) was inside the vase. I think I was told that she bought the vase for $2. Yep, that's my Grandma. Once she had all the coinage from the vase (which oddly enough totaled out to more than $2 - Grandma knows a deal when she sees one!), she no longer wanted the vase. And she no longer wanted the seashells. So, she passed them onto my mom.

While visiting my mom, I noticed the odd shaped vase on her kitchen counter. Then I got the full story on how she inherited it. She said all she really wanted was the seashells. She didn't even care about the vase, and offered it to me. I loved the way the seashells looked inside the vase, and thought that the look would be perfect for our guest bathroom. So, the vase came home with me.

Once the vase was home, I cleaned it up a little bit (it had some wax on it - I guess at one point someone put a candle inside of it) and then filled it with our seashells that we've collected over the past couple of years. The vase found a new home in the corner of the counter top.

Obviously this bathroom doesn't get used as often and needs a little dusting... don't judge.

It's a simple update that has made a huge impact to the space. And it's nice to see our beachy finds on display rather than sitting in a drawer, which is where they use to reside. Funny how a $2 yard sale find found its way into 3 different homes.

How do you display your vacation finds? 

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