Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Popular Notion

There were many notions that came to mind when I read this question. But, I think there one that has recently become so popular that it's worth addressing:

Life owes me something. I am entitled to ____________.
I'm sorry folks. But life doesn't owe you anything. People don't owe you anything. Sure, you are entitled. Entitled to work hard for what you want in life. However, you are not entitled to a job. You are not entitled to a house. You are not entitled to a monthly check from the government. You are not entitled to an iPad or a computer. You are not entitled to a fancy car. You are not entitled to a college education. If you want these things in life, you need to make them happen. Don't just wait for life to be handed to you. Because while you wait, someone else in the world just took what you were looking for.

I could go on and on about this popular notion and how society has it all wrong. However, to continue would lead to me rambling on and on about a problem I'm not quite sure how to go about fixing. So, I'll just stop here. You can thank me later.

But, I will leave you with this: While roaming around online, I came across this article about how giving children an allowance may be aiding in the entitlement effect. Interesting read. Won't say I agree 100% with everything in the article. Just some food for thought.


  1. I have been reading your blog for a few months now and this is the post that finally made me comment! I love it! I love all your posts about having a tight budget because I am a college student and I'm definitely in the same boat. But this post is great because I totally agree, so many young kids today feel that they deserve the world. They don't understand that to get something you have to work for it!

    1. Hi Robin! Thanks for commenting! I glad someone else shares my point of view :)



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