Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hootie Hoo

As I mentioned previously, I spent an entire day last week roaming around town and shopping with my mom. We weren't shopping for anything specific. Just enjoying being able to look at new things and imagining where to incorporate them into our homes.

In one of the stores, Tuesday Mornings, we came across a bunch of glass owl vases in different colors. It was love at first sight! And when we managed to find one in a teal/turquoise color (my new favorite color - and not just because we used it in our wedding), I knew I had to take one home.

But, I wasn't a fan of the price...

Sure, $15 isn't that big of a deal, but I had already spent $20 that day on the mirror frame. And considering we're on a tight summer budget, I wasn't planning on spending a whole lot of money on this shopping trip. As I stood there having an internal fight with myself over whether to get the owl, and knowing the hubby probably wouldn't be too thrilled, my mom stepped in and saved they day. She proclaimed it was her gift to me, and that she would buy it. Have I ever mentioned that I love my mom? Because I do. And not just because she buys me cute little turquoise owls. She's amazing!

So, the owl came home with me. And I had the perfect place in mind to place him - our new dining room buffet

I paired the owl with a glass hurricane lamp (which you can't have too many of, if you ask my mom) and a small brown votive candle.

I love our new little animal addition. I seriously get a big smile on my face every time I see it. Have you brought home any pieces lately that bring a smile to your face? Maybe you have a specific animal you tend to prefer in your design choices? Or maybe color glass is simply right up your alley?

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