Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Random Tidbits

So up next on the Thirty Things challenge.....

This one was a little tough for me. I feel like I'm a pretty typical person. But, it does say "random" things, so I hope you're ready for a ton of randomness.

1. I once shot myself in the eye with a BB gun. Just like the kid in The Christmas Story. Luckily, like the kid in the movie, my glasses protected my eye.
2. I wiggle my feet - A LOT! People make fun of me for it all the time. I do it subconsciously. Once you mention my feet, and I start to focus on it, I quit doing it. But, give it time and they'll start moving again.
3. I've always wanted 3 children. When asked, "Why three?" I always answer, "Because it's a nice even number." People look at me like I'm weird. But, it makes sense in my mind. Think about it... You have an oldest, middle, and youngest.

4. I've only ever had 1 boyfriend. And that one boyfriend eventually became my husband.
5. I'm probably the pickiest eater you will ever meet. Seriously. Hence why I decided to challenge myself and create/eat new dishes this year.
6. I refuse to tell my students how old I am. Why? Well, the first year I was the youngest teacher on campus. That, and some of my kids have siblings who are my age. I don't want them to start treating me different because I'm younger. All I tell them is that I'm in my twenties. You would think that would suffice, but they bug me all the time about my age. One of these years I'll tell them I'm 25 and then stick with it every year...probably until I'm 40

7. For every major holiday or occasion, I get "ducked." It never fails. I had a stuffed animal when I was a baby that was a bright yellow Gund duck. I took that thing everywhere. By the time I grew out of it my mom hid it from me in 2nd grade, it looked horrible (the hubby says its head reminds him of an alien). A few years ago, my grandma found a newer version of my "Ducky" and gave it to me. Then, around the time I graduated from high school, my mom pulled out the original Ducky and gave it back to me. I still have it, and before the hubby moved in with me, Old Ducky and New Ducky use to sit on my bed whenever it was made, as though I was still in elementary school.

Old and New Ducky

Let's take a closer look, shall we....

8. Although I've lived in Florida most my life, I hate the heat. Sweating grosses me out to no end. I like to be cold. All the time. Our thermostat stays anywhere from 73-76 degrees during the summer (we turn it up to 80 when we're not home). On top of that, we sleep with both a ceiling fan and a oscillating floor fan. And sometimes all of that isn't enough. I'm seriously afraid of what menopause will look like...

9. Continuing with the Florida theme, you'd think I'd love the beach. Nope. I love going to beach to enjoy a sunset. But to actually spend an entire day at the beach? No thank you. The sun, sand, and salt... not my idea of a good time.
10. If you haven't figured it out yet - I am pale! My friends and family know me as the "Sunscreen Nazi." No joke. So if I actually do go to the beach, I use SPF 50. And it has to be the baby/child version of sunscreen. No spray on stuff for this girl (I don't think it works as well - just look at the hubby's back after a day at the beach). And I will have my cell phone set to remind me to reapply every 90-120 minutes.
11. Skin cancer scares the bejeezus out of me. I've already had one mole removed that the doctors thought looked the age of 18. Luckily it was benign. But I still worry about my skin and the effects the sun has on it. Hence becoming the Sunscreen Nazi.

12. I've had the same haircut for practically my entire life. There are only two times I can remember this not being so. In 2nd grade I got lice and my mom took me to get this god awful cut that made me feel like a boy. And in 10th grade I got the brilliant idea that I wanted bangs. So I did them myself. Didn't turn out that great...
13. I use to play softball. I played for 7 years. I thought I was pretty good. Never good enough to go to college. I didn't care enough to be that good. To me, the most important thing was to have fun and to be a team player. Winning didn't matter as much to me, though losing always hurt. I quit when I was a sophomore in high school when it became more about winning than having fun.

14. I have an obsession with photos. Our house is littered with frames and photo albums. My husband thinks its an illness, it's that bad.
15. Nail biting. My worse habit. I try to stop. And sometimes I let my nails grow out. But it never fails. Eventually they end up back in my mouth. I think the longest I've ever grown them out was for my wedding - and that was simply because I refused to get fake nails.

16. Migraines. They suck. They make my life miserable. I probably get at least two headaches a week. Sometimes more. A week without a single headache is a rare blessing. Sometimes those headaches turn into migraines, sometimes they don't. But when the headache starts, I seriously feel like a druggie with the amount of pills I pop to prevent the headache from becoming a full blown migraine. Yes, I have a prescription, but I avoid taking it at all costs because it knocks me out. (P.S. Anyone else out there as irritated with the Excedrin recall as I am??)

17. I drink a lot of milk. We buy 2-3 gallons of milk each week. For just me and the hubby. It's scary to think how much milk we'll go through once we have kids.
18. I hit my snooze button at least 5 times each morning. Waking up in the morning is really tough for me. I can't just jump up and go. Wait. That's a lie. For some reason I can wake up and go on the weekends (of course, right?). But, I don't typically wake up to an alarm on the weekends.

19. I hate to go clothes shopping. I seriously dread having to go out and find new clothes. That's probably why I wear my clothes out until they are either faded, or really out of style. The thing I hate the most is that I can never find clothes in my size. And the styles I think are cute, simply don't look good on someone with my body style.

20. I hate making phone calls. Recently I had to call someone in regards to a posting I saw on Craigslist to get more information, and I was dreading it! I tried so hard to get the hubby to call for me, but he refused. Answering incoming phone calls isn't my problem. It's calling a complete stranger and not knowing what to expect on the other side.

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