Monday, June 18, 2012

Dining Room Word Art Inspiration

This is a brainstorming post of sorts. Last Wednesday my mom came into town and the two of us went shopping. While we were out and about, we stopped at a store called Dockside, and I came across this little guy for $20 in the clearance section. Excuse the blurry cell phone pic. 

It looks like it was once a mirror, but the mirror itself must have fallen out. There weren't any others like it in the store to compare it to. But, I loved the black metal look of it with the bits of sparkle. I immediately thought of the empty wall in our dining room. The black would go well (much at the risk of being too matchy-matchy) with the black photos on the gallery wall and the black metal dining table that we already have.

My first thoughts were to chalkboard the inside of the piece and use it as sort of a menu board. But, the hubby wasn't a fan of that idea. Another option, that my mom thought of, was to find a piece of fabric or even wrapping paper and place it inside. Not a bad idea, but I was afraid it would look too plain or too much like a bulletin board. Then, while we were walking around in Kirklands, I kept seeing these large frames with sayings about family in them and immediately I knew what I wanted to do - find a meaningful and/or cute saying and paint it inside the mirror frame. And if I can manage to find it in vinyl, that'd only make my job easier!

So, I turned to pinterest to search for sayings that might fit well in our dining room. Some sayings talk specifically about food or eating, while others talk about family and love, and still others are quotes that I just happen to really like.

Who doesn't love some Winnie the Pooh??

I think this one is a contender:

{pin/source no longer available}

Maybe turn it into a "house rules" board?

This scripture was said during our vows. Traditional, but might be nice to tie into our home

Simple, but I like it.

I'm still having a hard time deciding which one I like best. I'll probably have to hand-paint whatever phrase we end up choosing. Of course, since I'm not much of an artist, that poses a bit of a problem. Maybe I can find a vinyl to put in the frame instead? Or chalkboard the inside so that I could change up the saying whenever I felt like it.

Which one is your favorite? Or is there a saying/quote I'm missing here that you really like? I'd love to hear your suggestions!

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  1. I love the 2nd one and The Winnie the Pooh quote the most. Great finds! I love dressing up the walls



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