About Us

Well, I'm Hannah, and that handsome man you see there is my husband, Daniel. Welcome to our blog! Although the large majority of the posts around here are written by me, the hubby likes to throw his two cents in every now and again. This blog was started as an outlet to share the things that are going on in our lives, the new places we're travelling to, the trials that we face, and the updates we make around our little apartment.

We're high school sweethearts and got married in November 2011. Although both of us have lived most of our lives in Orlando (Dan is originally from Connecticut and I'm from Georgia), we now live out in "the country," but still within the Central Florida area.

Dan currently works as an EMT for a private EMS service. And I'm a history teacher at a local high school. It keeps me busy, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

We don't have any children...yet. We're expecting our first this Spring. For now though, we're pretty content playing aunt & uncle to twelve adorable nieces and nephews. Yes, you heard right, twelve! Our cats, Periwinkle, Cruz, and Callie, are our stand-in children for the time being, and we couldn't be happier. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in a comment or contact us privately.

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