Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's That Time Again

It's that time again....

That time of year where students are scrambling to get their grades brought up.

That time of year where yearbooks are being signed by every friend and acquaintance. 

That time of year where seniors are wishing they could go back to their freshman year and start all over again, yet at the same time excitedly and anxiously looking forward to what lies ahead.

That time of year where teachers do a deep-cleaning of their classrooms and file back all those papers they had been neglecting.

That time of year where that student who you swore hated your guts, says they're going to miss your class next year - and you don't notice even a hint of sarcasm!

That time of year where summer vacation plans are being made.

That time of year where you reflect on the past 8 months and make note of the things that you want to change for the upcoming school year.

That time of year where I can hopefully get back to a more consistent blogging schedule!

Today was our last day with students. We still have two more days of teacher post-planning. But, essentially, the school year is over. This was my fourth year teaching, and I think this was my favorite year so far. It was the first year where I felt comfortable and confident in what I was teaching. My grades are finalized, so all that's left is packing up my pictures frames for the summer and filing back all my paperwork. I'm definitely looking forward to summer vacation this year. I've only signed up to work 6 days this summer, which I think is the fewest I've worked since I've started teaching! Just means more time spent with the hubby on his days off  :)


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