Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Busy Waiting

Its seems like that's all that has been happening around here lately.


We put an offer in on a house about 3 weeks ago. We went back and forth. Then, we walked away. The sellers asked us to reconsider. We resubmitted the same offer. Now, we're waiting on their bank. 

To say we're frustrated is a bit of an understatement. We knew the home buying process would have its challenges. But I guess we didn't expect it so early on in the process. 

In the mean time, while we're waiting, we've been trying to keep busy.

Busy hitting up yard sales.

Busy hanging out with friends and entertaining little ones.

Busy chaperoning prom.

Busy kayaking.

Busy eating out.

Busy riding trains and helping parents with Easter egg hunts.

Busy playing sports with the nephew.

Busy being a teacher.

Even though we've done pretty well at remaining busy, we're still pretty anxious to get to the next step of the home buying process. We're cautiously optimistic. 


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