Monday, December 30, 2013


We welcomed a new addition to our family this weekend. 

Meet Callie!

You may have seen her on my Instagram feed last month. She was a stray that showed up in my mom's backyard. She's crazy friendly - even lets my niece and nephew drag play with her! In fact, my niece is the one who started calling her Callie, and it stuck. She happens to be a little vocal too....

As much as I knew we weren't exactly looking for another cat, every time I saw her, I knew she'd fit in with our other two furballs. She's the perfect mix of Periwinkle and Cruz. She's fluffy, has a nubby tail, and is a lap cat like Periwinkle. She's not afraid to tell you like it is and loves to nuzzle/head butt you when she wants attention like Cruz. 

But I had to convince Dan that we needed to bring her home with us. I had played with her a couple of times at my mom's house, but Dan had only heard about her and seen a picture or two. The first time he met her (which I caught on video below), he agreed to take her home.

Before we could take her home, we had to take her to the vet to make sure she wasn't microchipped, that she didn't have a disease she could pass on to our cats, and that she was spayed.

She wasn't a fan of the cat carrier. Or the car ride. But what cat is? Once we got to the vet's office, she was tortured had a series of tests run on her. Then, she came back into the room with us while we waited on the vet to come back with the results. She sat in Dan's lap for a little while before trying to find a hiding place.

The vet predicts that Callie's about 3 years old, which puts her at about the same age as Cruz. Even though he agrees with us and thinks she belonged to someone at some point, she wasn't microchipped. The scary tests (like feline AIDs and leukemia) all came back negative. But she did come back positive for hook worms and ear mites - both of which are easy to treat, and neither of which would be harmful to Periwinkle or Cruz while she was being treated. So, back into the cat carrier she went to go back to my mom's for one last night.

This time she slept the entire way home. Even when we stopped by Dan's parent's house to introduce them to her, she refused to get out of the cat carrier - just wanted to snooze.

We picked her up the next afternoon and brought her home last night. We've been trying to get the three furballs to get along ever since. Let's just say that Callie has taken over the office, while Cruz and Periwinkle pop their heads in occasionally only to be hissed and growled at before they run away in fear. Who knew such a sleepy cat could have such an effect on the other two?

Luckily, I'm still on winter break, so I'll be home all week to play referee to help them all adjust to each other. Fingers crossed they become friends sooner rather than later!

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