Monday, May 30, 2011


First of all, Happy Memorial Day to everyone! I hope you were able to take a break from the picnics and backyard barbeques to remember what today is really about.

I feel like such a slacker. I haven't posted anything in over a month! So much for my goal of posting once a week, huh? Well, I wish that I could say that a lot has happened since the last post, but honestly, it has all been one big blur. The last month, teaching has completely consumed my life. But, I can say with a smile on my face that I have officially finished my first year of teaching! So, what have I learned this past year?

  1. Grading sucks! Seriously, it is probably the worst part of the job.
  2. School work can wait - spending time with the family is more important and more rewarding sometimes.
  3. My learning style will not necessarily be the same as all of my students.
  4. A magnifying glass is handy for those students who make it their mission to have the tiniest handwriting in the entire school.
  5. Even though everyone is aware that you are a first-year teacher, they will assume that you automatically know all of the policies and procedures of both the school and the district.
  6. Standardized testing screws everything up! I'm not going to get into a debate over whether standardized tests are effective or necessary. However, when those tests pop out of no where and mess up the schedule of classes for the entire week...we then have a problem.
  7. Lesson plans better be flexible. (see #6)
  8. You cannot be afraid to ask for help. There were many times that I hesitated asking for help from teachers in my building (I was the only Social Studies teacher in the building surrounded by nothing but Math teachers...go figure!) but to be honest, I think the math teachers helped me a lot more than my fellow SS teachers.
  9. Next year I need to find a way to look older. I know this sounds silly, but I've seriously been told many times that I look like my students - by both students and my coworkers.
  10. And probably the most important... Some things are out of your control. Right now our field is going through a lot of changes thanks to state legislature. Sure, I could sit here and complain about it, but what's the point? I can't change it right now. All I can do is go with the flow, do what I feel is best for my students, and simply make sure my voice is heared next time at the polls.

So now that school is over, what are the summer plans?

  • Engagement Picture Shoot - it's actually later this week and I am soooo excited!!
  • Summer curriculum workshop
  • AP workshop - my first out-of-town workshop!
  • Babysitting the niece & nephew
  • Apartment hunting - need to find a new home for me and the fiance for after the wedding :-)
  • Work at my old college job for some extra cash
  • Design & purchase our wedding invitations
  • Attend a baby shower for my matron of honor
  • DIY some wedding decorations
  • Cleaning the apartment
  • Organizing the wedding decorations into boxes
  • Laying by the pool & getting my tan on (which if you truly knew me, you'd be cracking up - I'm probably one of the palest people you will ever meet! I don't tan, I burn!)
  • Relaxing, relaxing, relaxing :-)

So, what are your summer plans? Are you getting things done around the house? Going on a road trip, or maybe to the beach?


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