Friday, June 27, 2014

Simple DIY Wedding Centerpieces

One of the most popular posts on this blog is the one where I share pictures from our wedding reception. Thanks to Pinterest our centerpieces have become a huge hit on the blog!

The best part? They are super simple to make. And really cheap too!

Here's where we bought everything:
  • Vases (short & medium) - Dollar store
  • Vases (tall) - my mom had in storage
  • Mirror tiles - my mom had in storage too
  • Black rocks/pebbles - Michaels
  • Silk hydrangeas - Michaels
  • Floating candles - Dollar store
  • Kissing bells - yard sale (ribbon from Michaels)
  • Water - free from the sink
  • Food coloring - Sacks (a local dented can store)

We had a couple of boxes of neon food coloring in our pantry and played around with the colors. The color chart on the back of the box had suggestions for turquoise, so we used that as our jumping off point.

Before the wedding, we made large batches of the colored water and stored them in old milk jugs. Doing it before hand gave us time to make sure that all of the jugs were a consistent color, and it saved time the day of the wedding putting it all together.

We mixed up our centerpieces so that half the tables had what you see above, and the other half had a lower centerpiece with black sand and votive candles in a bowl. But these were our favorites!

I can't believe how popular this simple centerpiece has become, but I'm happy to see that others appreciate a simple, yet elegant centerpiece. 

One last tip: One of the things that we did prior to the wedding was collect a bunch of boxes - one for each table at the reception. In each box we placed everything that table would need. Rather than having a box of candles and running around to each table, each box had the exact number of candles the table needed. We also attached a photo of what the table should look like for easy reference. As someone who has helped quite a few friends set up their wedding reception, spending the time before the wedding to organize everything saves a lot of time the day of the wedding. 


  1. Hannah, thank you for posting! i'm preparing for a wedding and tried your colored water. at first it was perfect, but the color started fading! soon it was all gone. could I ask what brand of food coloring you used? did you have any problems with yours?

  2. These are amazing DIY wedding centerpieces. Last month, I took help of a reputed florist in the city for decorations arrangements of my best friend’s wedding which was arranged at one of the exotic NYC wedding venues. They did an amazing job.



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