Sunday, March 27, 2011


What have I done!?

So, I'm suppose to be finalizing grades in my grade book for report cards...but I am so not motivated. The more things that pile onto my proverbial plate, the more stressed I become, and the harder it becomes to feel motivated. I don't understand that equation, but nonetheless, that is my life. Not only are grades due tomorrow (not to mention, I have about 30 AP students waiting on an e-mail to tell them that they can go check grade book for the millionth time this weekend to see their final grade), but I also have to create a 100 question test for tomorrow, and a PowerPoint to introduce the Vietnam War. But instead, I sit here typing this post because I'd rather be doing anything but those other things.

This is one of the reasons why I put off creating a blog for so long: I never have time to really do anything other than school work. And right now, if I do happen to have a spare moment of time, I'm typically doing wedding stuff or relaxing with my fiance and taking my mind off of the craziness of my life. There are so many things that I need to post about: Part Two of my battle with fleas (spoiler alert: it didn't go as planned...), creating our save-the-dates on the cheap, the search for my wedding dress, my adventures in couponing, the pressures of being an AP teacher, the pressures of being an AP student, and my thoughts on the recent teacher merit-pay bill that passed. All in due time I guess.

I'm going to try and commit to a minimum of one blog post a week. Right now I think that is all I can manage with everything else going on. I'm hoping that come summer, I'll be able to post more frequently since I'll be out of school and looking for things to keep my mind occupied while everyone else works during the week. :)

Until next time....

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