Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Georgia Wedding #1

Hello all! I'm a little short on time (read why here), but I'm stopping by with a really quick post with some pictures & few comments from our weekend trip to Georgia. We were so happy to be able to make it up there to see my younger cousin Jacob get married to his long-time girlfriend Kaitlyn. They were married at Shoudlerbone Plantation in White Plains, Georgia. And let me tell you, this place was gorgeous!! It seriously is the type of place I've always dreamed of getting married at (before the reality of my wallet's budget hit me). So, without further ado...here are some pictures from around the property.

Here's a couple pictures of us before the wedding. We had to get there super early because we had no clue where we were going and we had to follow my cousin Jaime (who is Jacob's older brother) who was the Best Man to the site, who needed to be there early on for pictures. Please ignore the fact that the fiance's eyes are closed. :)

The ceremony was held on the back porch of the plantation house.

That's Jaime's son Luke talking with my Papa, or his G-Papa. I laugh every time I say that... Its suppose to be short for Great-Papa. But every time I hear it, I think it makes my Papa sound gangster. Afterwards, the newly married couple sat together for a while under a gazebo-like structure. Then it was down to the hill to the reception.

We loved that groom's cake! It fit my cousin's personality perfectly! If you haven't figured it out, my family in Georgia are definitely country. The groomsmen & bridesmaids all wore cowboy boots with their outfits. Kaitlyn even changed into her boots for the reception. The boys all had matching camo hats. And I'm sure if Jacob could have had his way, they would have been wearing camo from head to toe.

Probably my favorite picture of the whole night was when all of the grandchildren (that were attending the wedding) on my Dad's side of the family got together with my Papa. I wish we had gotten one of these pictures much sooner. There weren't a lot of opportunities to do it growing up since my brother & I lived in Florida most of our life, but there were opportunities. See, my Granny passed away last November, and looking back I wish we had gotten one of these pictures with both of them. But nonetheless, I'm glad we finally got one.

So there you have it. We'll be going back to Georgia in about a month for Jaime's wedding, hence why this is called Georgia Wedding #1. So, hopefully we'll be back with wedding #2 early November. I say "hopefully" because Jaime's wedding is a week before our wedding. Again, busy girl over here.

Have any of you attended any weddings lately? What were some of your favorite wedding traditions that you watched? Anything you wish the couple would have left out?

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