Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Quick Fix: Knobs

First let me start off this post by saying that I did this late at night, and we don't have any lights in our bedroom except the two lamps on our night stands. So, the lighting in the pictures is going to be totally crazy! Also, please ignore the totally mismatched bedding - we're waiting until after the wedding to get a new bed followed by matching bedding. For now we're working with what we've got.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, last week I was finally able to check something off of my mental project to-do list. You see, when I moved out of my parents house, my mom let me take what she called a "lingerie chest" with me. I've never heard of a lingerie chest, but I'll take my mom's word for it. Why? Because it really is the perfect size to house all of your unmentionables. So what does a lingerie chest look like? I'm so glad you asked!

I warned you about the harsh lighting, didn't I? Anyways, as much as I love this piece of furniture, there are some things about it I'd like to update. The first thing I wanted to do was find new knobs or handles for the drawers. Here's a close up of what the handles look like:

Not exactly my style. I think my mom picked these out, though I'm not sure how long ago. These knobs have been on this chest for as long as I can remember. She may have even stained or restained the chest at one point - I'll have to ask her next time we're on the phone. If you noticed in the first picture, the knob for the bottom drawer was missing. No clue where it went. So every time the fiance and I go out shopping for nothing in particular, I would keep my eyes peeled for good deals on knobs. Let me tell you, there aren't a whole lot of sales or deals on those things. And if there were, they were on the packages of 6 or more. All I needed was 4. Until one day...

Bam! There they were. Just begging me to take them home. It didn't take long for me to convince the fiance to let me buy them (not because he didn't like them, but more on the fact that we're really counting pennies right now since the wedding is only about a month away). So, after unloading all the groceries that night, I pulled out the toolbox and grabbed a screwdriver. It didn't take long to undo all of the knobs and their screws - the knobs had been loose for years, constantly rotating every time you went to open one of the drawers. And here is the final product:

Of course Cruz loved them! This picture is a little washed out, but it'll help you see the other things I want to eventually do to this piece. It has a few imperfections in terms of nicks and dings. I'm hoping to find a way to make those less noticeable. Maybe restain the piece? Or eventually paint the piece? Or maybe even do some sort of treatment to the fronts of the drawers? And in case you're wondering what is beside the chest, it's a mirror that my grandmother gave me. Again, not a big fan. However, considering it has been the only full length mirror I've had for a really long time, I've grown to like it. A little bit anyways. I'm hoping to eventually spray paint it, though I keep going back and forth about what color. Maybe once we get the new bedding it'll help me make a decision.

Oh, and since I took a picture of the top of the chest, I figured I'd go ahead and share it with you.

 Nothing fancy. One of our new lamps which you can get more info on where & how much they cost in this post. Of course there my contact case & solution - I'm blind as a bat without them. A small candle. Two picture frames: one with a picture of Dan from senior year of high school and the other of me with my Granny & Papa from high school graduation. Behind that is a little gray ceramic container (sorry I don't have a close-up picture) that we keep lotion in. This might be TMI, but when the weather starts changing we both suffer from really dry feet that can start to crack, so we tend to put lotion & socks on our feet every couple of nights too keep them from getting too bad.

So anyhow, that was our little quick fix from last week.

Total cost: $4.50
Total time: about 5 minutes

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