Friday, August 1, 2014

One More Thing

We thought that after the water heater was fixed it was going to be smooth sailing to closing on our first house. Yeah. That was wishful thinking... Should have known better.

I got a call from the Hubby while I was out of town confirming what we hoped we wouldn't have to do. 

You see that lovely truck? Want to guess what's inside that tank? Gross, right?

Our lender insisted that we have a septic inspection done before moving forward with the loan process. But, you can't really have a septic inspection without first having the tank pumped. So, another early morning and $200 later, our first home now has an empty septic tank and a little piece of paper stating that it's safe. Or functioning. Or not ancient. Or whatever it is that the lender specifically wanted to know about the thing that holds every bit of waste that comes out of our house.

Even though it kind of sucked having to shell out more cash, and it delayed closing more, there were some positives that came out of this.

First of all, I think we officially have a plumbing company that we can rely on and trust. We called them for both the water heater fix and the septic inspection, and were really happy with their customer service. Both of the guys who came out really knew their stuff and even told us what things to look out for in the future that would indicate something going wrong.

We also know that we need to keep an eye out on how efficiently our plumbing works during the rainy season. When the tech opened the tank, there was a lot of water. Obviously there should be some water. But, considering there was absolutely no smell coming from the tank because there was so much water between the surface and the smelly stuff, that's a lot of water. The current owners had a new drainage field put in less than 2 years ago, so even though it should be fine, it's something the tech advised us to keep an eye on. We're super grateful to have a heads-up on potential problems rather than being surprised by them later. (Truthfully, we think it was caused by the amount of laundry a family with 3 young kids does on a weekly basis.)

Also, the neighborhood we're moving too has trash service! Growing up in the suburbs, I never really realized how many people have to take their trash to the dump rather than simply dragging a trash can to the end of a driveway. Guess I took it for granted. Living in a more rural area means garbage trucks can become a luxury. So seeing everyone with their trashcans on the side of the road that morning made me happy. #itsthelittlethings

Oh, and now we know that our three surrounding neighbors are all elderly and retired. Nothing like having strangers your future neighbors watching from a distance, wondering who this young couple was standing around watching the septic tank get pumped in the back yard.

The septic inspection was the last thing our underwriter requested, so once we get final approval from them, all of our paperwork will be sent off to its final destination. One step closer, and yet still so far away. We're told that USDA (who we're getting our loan through) is backed up on requests, so it could be a few weeks(!!) before we hear anything back from them.

So that's where we are currently with the whole house situation. And since I can't leave you with just a picture of a truck with a tank full of crap, I thought I'd leave you with this gem:

Happy Friday y'all!

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