Monday, July 14, 2014

Another Speed Bump

Frustrated. Annoyed. Irritated. 

These are the emotions we've been dealing with this past weekend. 

We put an offer in on a house, that we're hoping will be our first home, back in March. March! And it seems like every little thing that can go wrong, has. No, we haven't lost the house, but there has been yet another set back.

When we first put in our offer, we naively thought that we'd be able to move at the beginning of summer. Being a teacher, that would have been ideal. I could have had weeks to work on little projects around the house without having to worry about work. But, the more we learned about the home buying process, the more we realized that was a pipe dream.

Once the sellers were all done with their bank, and the ball was finally in our court, we were told by our banker that there wasn't any reason why we couldn't be moved in before school started. We had already been pre-qualified once before (which is different than just being pre-approved), so it was just a matter of resubmitting our financial information. We were making more money, had more money in savings, and were asking for considerably less than we had previously been told we qualified for. What could go wrong?

Well, that was over a month ago, and since then we've hit more speed bumps than we'd like. The home inspection went fine, but there was a minor fix that needed to be done to apply for home owners insurance. A minor fix that would have cost us less than $10 to do. But, since the report had been submitted, now required a "professional" to do it. Which means it turned into a $87 fix...

And the appraisal came back. We thought it was fine. However, the appraiser decided to include comments about their opinion of the house without checking the facts first, so it has added a whole bunch of stuff to our checklist. Most of these things have had to wait on the sellers' agent to provide answers/documentation, so it's all stuff that is currently out of our control.

We finally got a hold of our banker Friday and asked for an update. She said she still couldn't provide us with a closing date and that we'd be lucky if we could move in the next month. So much for moving in before school.... Now it's looking like we'll be lucky if we can move in before Labor Day.

We know everything will happen when it's suppose to happen. That we've got to trust there's a greater reason why we haven't been able to move yet. But it's still frustrating. 

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