Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Classroom Tour (Round Three)

The past couple of years I've shared photos of my high school classroom (which you can see here and here), and I thought, why break the tradition now? 

I didn't change a whole lot this time around. Everything was working pretty well at the end of last school year, so I set the room back up in the same configuration. Since the last classroom tour, I lost two of my bookshelves and gained one large bookshelf in return.

That shelf got moved from the middle of the room to the front of the room (was tired of kids leaving drinks/food/phones on my shelves). I really like having everything condensed into one unit.

I also gained a small tabletop podium and inherited a round table. Although I tend to move around the room when I lecture, I like having a spot to lay out papers each day. And, it gives students a spot to stand when giving presentations.

The majority of the changes in my classroom revolve around my desk.

In the past, I've had my two desks connected and had to walk around them to access my computer. This time, I've separated them and added my filing cabinet to the mix. I'm not exactly thrilled that my desk blocks some of the white board, but I typically only use that side for announcements, so hopefully it won't become too much of an issue.

The large desk is where I like to spread everything out.

I like to keep a couple of binders on my desk that I use frequently: seating chart/grade book, junior class sponsor information, and FFEA sponsor information. The magazine holder has color coded folders that hold makeup tests and assignments when students are absent. The little basket in front of all of that holds my remotes and other techy stuff. The wood box has a bunch of dry erase markers that were picked up at a yard sale. Then, of course, are the two textbooks for each course that I teach. On top of them are the things I'm currently working on with each particular course. The black bins are where students turn in their work. And the striped folder is my "to be copied" folder that I use to take papers up to the office.

The remnants of my bookshelf are still holding in there...

I think this might be the last year for this guy. It's barely standing - having to lean on both walls to keep straight. But, it works for now. It holds all of my binders that I use to file back parent contact information, financial information, and curriculum resources.

I added some more picture frames to the mix last year. Updated some of the photos of our nieces and nephews (will they stop growing already?!) and added a pic of the Hubby from our trip to Savannah last summer. Decided to frame my teaching certificate and display it with my college diplomas. It drives me crazy that the frames on the wall aren't centered over the bookshelf, but my back is to it most of the time, so I don't think about it too much.

The biggest change for me is my computer table.

It's a little on the small side, but it gets the job done. We moved my filing cabinet beside the table for a little extra space to put my lamp, stapler, tape dispenser, and fan. Still not sure what I'm going to put inside the cabinet yet, but I might move some of my writing supplies out of the larger desk and into that top drawer for easy access.

Like I said, its a little on the small side, but I find that when I have a smaller space to work with I tend to keep it more organized. There's just enough space for my work calendar and a notebook to jot things down on. The two photos of me and the Hubby are there to keep me sane :)  The computer monitor is on top of a filing system that I use to keep disciplinary slips, post-it notes, CDs/DVDs, etc. There's also a small blue cup that holds all of my paper clips attached to it. To the right of the monitor is my document camera. I don't use it as often as I use to, but it's nice to have for those few occasions when I do use it.

My printer and computer tower are still in the same spot. Some might think its weird or inconvenient to have a printer right at your feet, but honestly, it doesn't bug me. Sometimes I even use it as a foot rest (shh! don't tell our tech department!). The thing that makes me most happy? The fact that all the cords are corralled into a basket!

Even though they still aren't pretty to look at, at least it's not rat nest it was before. The Hubby came out to the school one day and organized all of cords. Even though I'm totally capable of hooking up my own computer, I still prefer for him to come out and do it for me. When I do it, I just let the cords lay where they fall. When he does it, he makes a point to wrap up the excess cords and zip tie them together. I picked up the basket for $1 at Target, and thought I could attach it directly under the desk. Didn't exactly think about how I was going to do that. So until I figure that piece of the puzzle out, the basket is resting nicely on top of the computer tower.
You may have noticed in the picture above that my college wall has expanded since the start of last school year! Here's a before:

And this is what it's looking like now:

I've added quite a few more pennants and magnets in a poor attempt to cover my a/c system to my college wall! Whenever I visit a new college or town, I try to make it a point to stop by the bookstore and pick one up. It's sorta becoming my "thing." Some people collect fridge magnets. Others shot glasses. Me? Christmas ornaments and college pennants.

The USF Bulls pennant was picked up while in Tampa for an AP Summer Institute. Funny story: the college kid working at the bookstore asked if they could help me find something. I told them I was looking for a pennant, and they had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. The three smaller ones - Ole Miss, Texas, and Florida State - I picked up at a local flea market for a few bucks. Which reminds me that I need to go back and see if they have more!

I've started to realize that pennants are expensive! So, when I can't find one that I like for the right price, I try to buy a small magnet from that college to help fill in the gaps on the wall. My parents picked up the Indiana and Kentucky magnets; I bought the Georgia College magnet while visiting for my Papa's funeral; and the Florida Gator magnet was a gift from another teacher.

Still, my favorite part about my classroom is the painted map.

That's pretty much it for this year's classroom tour. I'm still trying to figure out how I want the student desks configured. Rows? Paired? Groups? Circled? Half and half? I better figure it out soon though. Students come back tomorrow! It's crazy how quickly summer flies by!

Any other teachers out there working on putting their rooms together? Or are you still soaking up the summer sun and refusing to think about work? That was me up until last week!

Here's to another school year!

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