Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cat's Meow: Favorite Toy

We've had our little man Cruz for about 4 years now. We adopted him from a local pet store shortly after I moved out of my parent's house so that Periwinkle would have a playmate. We had no idea how different their personalities would be!

Periwinkle is very chill. She's perfectly content with finding a comfy spot on the foot of the bed and laying there for hours on end. Cruz, on the other hand, likes to be the center of attention. He loves to play, and wants you to play with him.

When he was a kitten, we bought a wand to keep him playful and active. Little did we know that this wand would still be hanging around 4 years later, and it would become his favorite toy.

I seriously don't know what we'll do when this thing bites the dust....

Does your animal have a favorite toy that they've had since they were a kitten/puppy?

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