Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Weekend Adventures: Family & Break

I love that word, don't you? Break. Thanksgiving break. A time of much needed rest before the craziness of December falls upon us. I'm pretty lucky to work in a school district that allows us to have the entire week off. Other districts in the area are in school today. Me? I'm still in my pajamas. And when I finally get around to changing my clothes, I'll probably put on another pair of pajamas. No shame.

Anyways, I thought I'd catch you up on some of the things that have been going on since school let out on Friday. First of all, Friday was a crazy day! I had a meeting in the morning and then came into my classroom half way through the day. We finished the chapters we were working through on Thursday, so I didn't see a point in starting a brand new concept before a week-long break. So, the kids got to watch a movie. Don't judge. At least the movie had something to do with the content. I thought the kids were going to be bored with it - a National Geographic film on Pearl Harbor. But they were mesmerized! And, some were even brought to tears when the survivors were telling their stories. Definitely going to show this one again.

Friday night we took our new roomie on a car tour of our area. Let's just say, where we live, there are more cows than people. That, and a whole lot of golf carts. The hubby and I planned on going to a local park (the same one we went to see fireworks in July) to see their Christmas lights. But after getting home from the little tour, we both sat down and never got back up. Oh well. Maybe next week.

Saturday we slept in a little and then headed into Orlando to spend some time with the family. Well, I spent some time with the family. Dan had to go to a BLS class to recertify. Meanwhile, I got to spend time with the nieces and nephews at my parents' house.

{my sister and the youngest nephew}

{my niece, the artist}

After Dan got done with his class, we went out to dinner with an old friend of his from the church we use to go to. The two of them get together whenever he's in town. I, on the other hand, hadn't seen him in 5 years. I was looking forward to catching up, but soon realized that I probably should have let the boys hang out by themselves. It was nothing but cars, trucks, and racing. I literally maybe said a total of 10 sentences the entire night.

Sunday, Dan had to go into work. (Notice a pattern here? I feel bad that he's not getting much of a break. Work is really killing him lately.) Mom and I went out to my sister's house (the one pictured above) and the three of us went shopping. I'm glad my sister was able to go because she helped us pick out clothes and things the kids would appreciate for Christmas. Here are some things that I saw along the way that I loved:

Ok, so I know the outfit is your classic "teacher's outfit," but I love it! The best part about the glasses - they're plastic! And I have a thing for owls, and this little guy was too darn cute! Ok, enough exclamation points...

By the time we got home Sunday, it was pretty late, but I had caught my second wind. So, I pulled out the Christmas decorations and started putting together the tree. Too bad one strand of lights was burnt out... womp womp. We decided to call it a night and pick up another string of lights when we went grocery shopping.

Monday, Dan finally had a day off! My mom met us up at our place and we headed out to one of my favorite flea markets, Webster.

There's technically two sides to the flea market. My favorite has to be the Westside. That side has more of the collectibles and antiques. Seriously my idea of a good time! Hands down, my favorite piece of the day was this guy:

It's a Lane's cedar chest. At least that's what the inside says. I tried doing a Google search to find a similar piece, but had no luck. The closest I could come to was this. It looks like it's been painted. Most cedar chests are simply stained wood. And, as you can see, it's missing a couple of pulls. The pull for the bottom drawer & one pull for that middle drawer were sitting inside the chest itself. But there were two holes in the middle drawer which led me to believe that one knob was still missing. The guy wanted $80 for it. Considering it had been painted and missing a knob, I thought it was too much. But, we didn't bother haggling because we both knew that we had no way of getting it home. Cedar chest on top of a Kia...yeah, that would have been fun!

I came home empty handed this time. But mom left with a few more Christmas gifts for the grandkids, so I think the trip was a success. After mom went home, Dan and I both fell asleep on the couch. Two hour nap on a dreary Monday afternoon? Yes please! Eventually we got our lazy butts off the couch and went shopping. A couple hours later, the Christmas tree was officially lit!

This year we decided to put the tree in the dining room. We moved over the buffet and removed one dining chair to make room. We still have to put ornaments on the tree, but we'll get to that some night this week. At least it's up! Oh, and you'll notice I finally hung up the broken mirror that I mentioned here. I spray painted the inside black, but am second guessing my ability to write something without it looking sloppy. I'm still trying to convince the Hubby to let me chalkboard it so that I can always erase my mistakes. I'll keep you posted!

So, that's the first half of my Thanksgiving break. Today I've got the apartment to myself, so I'm doing a little bit of cleaning, a little bit of tv watching, and a whole lot of being lazy. This afternoon the plan is to do a little bit of school work - but we'll see if that happens. I've got laundry calling my name, and right now that's screaming a louder than papers that need to be graded.

What about you? Do you have the week off too? Or maybe you decided to take it off anyways? What sort of plans do you guys have for the holidays? 

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