Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear readers, this edition of Friday's Letters is special - I've got pictures! Normally I don't stress with uploading pictures, but I've really enjoyed this past week and thought I'd share. :)

Dear Hubby, I'm glad you got to enjoy a relaxing birthday. You picked an awesome place for dinner. The garlic die for! We definitely have to go there again one of these nights.

Dear students, thank you for not embarrassing me in front of your substitutes this week. It's nice to know that I can leave for 2 days and come back to a pleasant note and my room in one piece. Dear Mo, thanks for calling me and telling me my name was on the Social Studies list. I'd much rather be in the meeting related to my actual content than a meeting related to English. Dear Social Studies peeps, those two days were so much fun! Not only was the break from the classroom nice, but you guys always know how to keep things entertaining. Social Studies > English. Hands down. Dear Quickfire, your food is AMAZING! I'm so glad we stumbled upon your restaurant - much better choice than the Burger King we initially pulled over for. Us Social Studies people loved you so much, we came back on day two. Would recommend you to anyone! 

{Bacon Chicken Ranch Flatbread - DELICIOUS!}

Dear Florida weather, I am seriously loving you lately. Not too hot in the afternoons. Nice and cool in the evenings. When I got to school this morning you had left a little present on the fences. Not sure we're ready for ice just yet...

Dear Thanksgiving break, you are only 1 week away! I'm so excited! Dear students, today you blew me away! I figured the last thing you wanted to do after your quiz was jump into another lecture. I was hesitant to do a brainstorming activity with you, but you guys were great! And believe it or not, you guys knew a whole lot more than you gave yourselves credit for. I'm looking forward to the conversations next week. 

Dear roomie, (who is moving in this Sunday) please bear with the Hubby and I as we adjust to living with someone else. I know it's only a temporary thing, but we've worked hard to make our apartment as welcoming as possible. Please don't judge our cleaning habits or lack of cooking skills. And please don't judge our cats when they have "accidents." I promise - you won't have to clean up after them.

Dear Hubby, can you believe that we'll be celebrating our first anniversary on Tuesday?! Where has the time gone? Seems like only yesterday we were saying "I Do."

I hope everyone has a good weekend!


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  1. That's awesome that you teach History! I teach 10-12 grade English. ISn't is so fun working with those crazy high schoolers? Definitely gives us a run for our money, doesn't it?!? Just found your blog and have loved getting to know you better. Hope you don't mind if I follow along!

    new follower :)



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