Monday, November 26, 2012

Wet Money

So, I'm sitting down last night trying to get things ready for school. Of course I'm looking for any distraction to keep me from the task at hand. But, the Hubby was pretty adament about me getting stuff done so that I could make it to bed at a decent hour. Being the obedient wife that I am, I told Dan that there was clothes in the washing machine that needed to be put in the dryer that I couldn't possibly do with so much school work that needed to be done.
Couple minutes later, I'm being asked if I've been looking for $16.37. What? Again, he repeats the amount and says that it was in the washing machine.
Now, first of all, I don't normally carry cash. I make a point not too. It's easier that way when my students ask to borrow money for lunch. No joke.
So I'm sitting there racking my brain as to (1) why I would have had cash in a pant pocket, (2) when the last time I actually bought something with cash and (3) how that purchase would have amounted to $3.63.
Then it hits me! My stepdad gave me a twenty to buy milk and aluminum foil while we were in town for Thanksgiving. (Got to love those last minute items!) I guess I forgot to give them back the change. So, I snapped a picture of the money with my phone and sent it to my mom.
And this conversation happened...
Me: Look what we found in the washer! Lol. Took us forever to figure out what we spent $3.63 on...then I remembered Paul gave us money to get that gallon of milk. So we owe you some soggy bills :)
Mom: Please dry and iron first
Me: I don't iron. I'd be happy to throw them in the dryer though :)
Mom: Lol I forgot
Yep. That's my mom.
I should preface that I really don't iron if I can get away with it. If anything is wrinkled, I simply through it in the dryer. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. But, my clothes are nice and toasty which is always a plus in the winter time.
There was no real point in sharing this story except that I found it really funny and thought that others would find it funny too. We all need a little laugh on the Monday following a holiday break. At least I know I do!

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