Saturday, March 3, 2012

Quick Fix: Coat Rack

So, as I was typing up the last post, I suddenly realized that I never shared what I did with the hooks in our entry hallway once Christmas was over. And since the hubby is waiting on me to finish up online so that I can help him make dinner, I'm going to make this quick and simple.

This is what our entry way looked like at Christmas:

And this is what it looks like now:

Yep. I converted our stocking holders into coat holders. This past year, we had an unseasonably warm winter. Then again this is Florida... But whenever we did have a burst of cold, our coats would be laying around all over the apartment. Half the time we couldn't remember where we had last placed them.

But now that they are all in one spot, it makes it easy to just grab and go. And the hooks have held up pretty well. The one closest to the door has fallen a couple of times, but only when the hubby tried to hang both of his heavy winter coats on it at the same time. I guess he saw me doubling up on my hooks and thought he could get away with the same. But, I was only able to double up on my lighter weight hoodie and cardigans. Otherwise, only one coat per hook.

I love when one thing can serve two purposes! Anyone else out there have a love of command hooks? I'm slowly thinking mine is turning into an obsession. But they are the only things that I know won't damage the walls when we take them down when it comes time to move. I'd love to see your creative uses for command hooks.

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