Monday, October 7, 2013

Five Things

Inspired by Katie's "Five Things at the Bottom of the Bucket" post, I thought I'd share five things from my bucket list. Five things that I think I'll do some day. Five things that are always in the back of my mind. Five things that, if money and time were no issue, I'd dive head first into.

Five things.

Some may laugh at this, but a 5K sounds like a daunting task to someone like me. First of all, I'm no where near being in shape. Regardless, even when I was at my best physically, I could never run a mile without stopping. I was always considered a sprinter. I guess playing softball and only have to run 60 feet at a time will do that to you. So to run 3.1 miles....nonstop....sounds near impossible to me. One of these days I'll be able to do it. And when I can, I'm hoping that these 5Ks are still around.
My grandma can sew. My mom can sew. Me? Not even close. I can thread a needle, but that's about it. I seriously regret not paying more attention when mom tried to show me how to sew a button. That's a skill I've come to realize living on my own that could come in handy. But its not just simply sewing a button. I want to learn how to create things. I've been pinning a lot of cute DIY projects that require a sewing machine and a basic knowledge on how to operate one, and I'm sad that I can't even attempt these amazing ideas.

About a year and a half ago I shared my travel bucket list. Dan and I made a pact at the start of this year to travel and explore new places. One new place a month. Twelve new places this year. Even if those places were right in our backyard, if it was a new experience to us, we'd count it. So far we're doing pretty good. Some months we haven't been able to travel and other months we're able to go to multiple locations. But I'm including this bucket list item again because it's something I always talk about when our conversations drift off to our future. Sure, I'd love to visit Europe. Sure, I'd love to visit some amazing island paradises. But, really, I know those are long shots. What I really want to do is travel around the United States and learn about the history of our country first hand.

This is something I've been debating back and forth. Not so much the fact that I'd like to go back to school. Its more about what I'd being going back to school for. Do I study History? Social Science Education? Educational Leadership? School Counseling? Whenever I think I've made my mind up, I change it again. There's no rush on the decision - we'd like to be debt free and in a home before I even consider cash-flowing graduate work. But it puts a smile on my face to think about going back to this beautiful campus and continuing my education in the place where it all began.

{UCF College of Education - source}

Obviously not as an athlete. But every other year when the Olympics roll around, I always dream about being at the opening ceremonies. It'd be even cooler to travel to another country and experience a new culture all at the same time. There's only one dilemma (besides the obvious of having the money to go) - winter or summer Olympics?

So that's it. My five things. What are your five things?

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