Thursday, September 22, 2011

Slowly Getting Organized

So, I'm having another one of those nights where I just can't seem to fall asleep. And I figured I'd try to calm my mind by writing up another post.

We're officially 53 days away from the wedding (it's getting so incredibly close!!), and those feelings of anxiousness are starting to set in. What am I suppose to do if no one RSVPs to the wedding? What will happen if people just decide to show up and they didn't give us a yes/no on the RSVP? Do we have everything organized so that people know where to put everything if I'm not in the room to help them set it up? Will we be able to set up the entire reception hall & ceremony site in less than 2 hours? Is there enough money to cover everything? I really hope it doesn't rain on our honeymoon... and God forbid a late-bloomer of a hurricane decides to make its way through the Caribbean at that time... you never know, this season has been pretty active so far... And hopefully if Dan gets this new job, they'll be understanding of the fact that we're getting married & have a honeymoon planned and will be willing to allow him to take time off for it. (Don't get me wrong - I desperately want him to get this new job. It's what both of us have been praying for. The timing of it just seems to be adding to my stress/anxiety. But I know that if it's what is meant to be, it will happen the way God wants it to. So fingers crossed & prayers for a new job with an understanding, flexible schedule!)

I know... I'm starting to sound like one of those brides. But, luckily, I don't think I've really taken out my concerns on anyone yet. Well, except for maybe the fiance. But that's part of the deal - he gave me a ring, so he gets to put up with my wedding anxiety, right?? I'm trying to stay busy right now getting everything organized into boxes that I possibly can (more on that later) so setting up the reception hall will hopefully go smoothly (again, fingers crossed!!). But lately I find that I'm trying to keep myself occupied. I either spend my time on Pinterest looking for wedding & home decor inspiration or working on my new class website. But this past Sunday I finally tackled a project on my to-do list: yep, I organized the master bedroom closet! You might remember these pictures that I mention in the apartment tour:

It was a hot mess! We simply took whatever was in that large box on the floor, put it on a hanger, and found a spot for it. We had a slight system during move in: Hang up whatever could be hung, and whatever needed to be folded would be folded and placed on the shelf. And that's how things stayed - box and all. Getting dressed in the morning was a bit of a chore, always searching for a certain item of clothing.
Step one was to move my wedding dress into the guest bedroom. It's just easier that way - none of us really go in there right now because it's swamped with other wedding stuff. Plus, we've been keeping the door to that room shut lately so that the cats don't get in there. Next step was to finish emptying out the box on the floor. I just followed the same method that we used during moving day. After everything was hanging up or folded onto the shelf, it was starting to look pretty decent.

 The black & white dress hanging up is my old senior prom dress. For some reason I can't see to give that one, or my senior homecoming dress, up. I've donated all my other dresses from previous weddings or dances, but these two seem to hold more sentimental value. One, I went to both of these dances with the fiance. And two, my prom dress was purchased for me by my Granny. She was suppose to by my wedding dress, but passed away sort of suddenly last November before I was engaged. I've been trying to find a way to incorporate a portion of the dress into my bouquet or wedding dress, but can't seem to bring myself into taking that dress apart.

The fiance will be getting the high shelf on the right side of the closet which is why it is currently so empty. I had to hang my dresses there because the shelving on my side is simply too small. We're planning on sharing the bottom shelf and hanging up all of our pants on there. Also, if you notice on the right of the middle picture, I hung the fiance's ties up. All I did was slide them through the shelving and let them hang there. We're hoping to eventually get some sort of tie organizer. Although this was better than what it looked like before, it was still bugging me. So, I spent a little extra time and changed it to look like this:

Maybe I'm weird, but I like to color-coordinate all of my clothes. In the past, I organized them based on sleeve-length, but I still found myself taking a lot of time trying to match a top to pants (I'm a little fashion challenged, OK?). But I find that when the clothing is hung up based on its color, it's much easier for me to visualize what will go well together. The only thing that isn't coordinated according to their colors is the dresses & skirts that I own. They all go on the far side of the closet because they aren't worn as often as the rest of my clothes.

And of course, Periwinkle had to get in on the action!

Oh, and here's a better picture of my shoe organization situation:

It really bugs me that I have 3 totally different shoe racks that I have to work with. And yes, the one on the far right tends to lean a little bit. Really, all of them seem to be on their last legs and I can't wait to replace them.

So, did anyone else manage to cross something off of your to-do list this past weekend? How do you organize your closet? I'm definitely interested to see how many go according to sleeve-length, how many go according to color, and how many simply chose to allow their rooms/closets look worse than a 13 year old's room.

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