Sunday, September 11, 2011

Let There Be.... Laundry?

I know it's a little late, but I'm having a hard time falling asleep, so I thought what better way to keep my mind occupied than to write up a blog post. Because you know I have nothing else better to do when I can't sleep like grading papers or creating lesson plans, right? Anyways, we did a few little projects today around the apartment, so here are all the details on the biggest project.

We started off our day with a mini-roadtrip. To explain the backstory, our last apartment had a washer & dryer included. This place only has hookups. So, we were in desperate need of a set (I'm not really the type to use the coin laundry mat the complex offers - waste of money & I just have this thing about washing my unmentionables in the same place somebody else has washed theirs). So, my stepdad called his brother in St. Petersburg who owns a second-hand appliance shop to see what we could do. While he worked his magic, the fiance & I did a little "window shopping" on Craigslist to see what people were selling their used sets for. We found a few for $300, which in my opinion wasn't bad. But, my uncle rose to the occasion and said we were all taken care of, we just needed to get it from his place to ours, and we were to consider it an early wedding present (amazing, right??).

So, we borrowed my stepdad's truck & headed down to St. Petersburg to pick up a washer & dryer from my uncle's shop. And on the way we ran into this:

Yep, right as we were crossing the bridge from Tampa to St. Pete, the clouds opened up and we were caught in a downpour. Being that we're both Floridians, you would think we'd be use to this all-of-a-sudden rainstorms, but this one definitely caught us off guard.

Anyways, we loaded up the washer and dryer into the back of the truck. Luckily both fit in there without having to leave the tailgate down, so we didn't have to tie them down with rope (which we forgot to bring anyways). We bribed with football & food asked our friends if they would help us get them both upstairs, and they thankfully agreed.

The fit is a little tight. I had to take out my metal bookshelf, and for now its new home is in the dining room. Also, if you look at the image of the dryer, you'll notice that the door opens from the right. When it was first brought upstairs it opened from the left. While I was cleaning it, I noticed that the door was reversible, and so I asked for the fiance's help with this little switcheroo. It was only 4 screws that needed to be unscrewed and screwed back into place on the opposite side.

We haven't washed any clothes yet. I'm waiting to clean out the washer's tub. It has a bit of staining to it, and it personally just grosses me out a little bit (again, thinking of what else has been washed in there...). I read on a couple of websites that I should run vinegar or lemon juice in an empty cycle on the hottest wash possible. Being that I seem to have just run out of both lemon juice & vinegar, we'll be making a little trip into town to buy one or both.

It might be really hard to see the staining, but look towards the top. It's more than just a standard shadow. So hopefully we'll have the laundry room working hard here in the near future.

So that's part one of our little weekend projects. I'll try to come back tomorrow to share some pictures of a new quick fix. Does anyone have any other ideas or better solution that? Maybe you did some heavy lifting? Or maybe you just simply spent time with friends & watched the football game.

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