Saturday, August 3, 2013

Quiet Weekend

It's pretty quiet around the apartment today. Both cats are napping. The Hubby is catching up on sleep. I'm sitting at the computer playing around on Pinterest and making a list of everything I need to do before the first official day of school Tuesday. We've already done our weekend shopping, so now it's time to relax.

This image reminds me of one of those passive aggressive status updates on Facebook. In reality, we were invited to go out and do things this weekend. My mom invited us to go swimming at the springs with our niece and nephew. My aunt and uncle are in town and my parents are barbecuing. Mom wanted to know what we were doing to celebrate my birthday tomorrow. But it's been hard with Dan's new schedule to know what we can and can't agree to doing. It has been easier to just say "thanks, but we can't" then to have to apologize later for bailing on them.

Even the plans we do make are up in the air. Tomorrow, for instance, we're hoping to go to church and then have a late lunch/early dinner out to celebrate my birthday. But, if Dan gets home late, church won't happen. And, if he has too many calls tonight, then he'll be super tired and won't want to go out to eat. That's one of the reasons I didn't bother to invite my folks to eat out with us - we can't guarantee that we'll be going.

Luckily, Dan's got every other weekend off, so next weekend is already planned and chock full of family time. But for now, it's a lazy weekend around our place.

What are you up to this weekend? Any fun plans that I can live vicariously through? Would love to hear them!

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