Friday, July 5, 2013

10 Ways We Are Different

Dan has been home quite a bit this summer in between volunteer shifts and it has led to a lot of random conversations. One such conversation was about how different we are from each other. So I made a list:

1. Let's start with something easy. Dan has blue eyes that occasionally look grey. I was born with brown eyes that, over time, have started turning greener.

2. He will eat practically anything that has chocolate in it. The darker the better! Me? Plain ole vanilla please! If I'm going to eat chocolate, I prefer white chocolate.

3. When making PB&J, the boy will slather on the peanut butter. The more the merrier! I put just enough PB to cover the bread, but slather on the jelly to the point where I think it won't squeeze out the sides when I eat it.

4. Dan likes things because they are practical, functional, and comfortable. I like things because they are pretty. Although comfortable is a definite plus... I think this is how a lot of men/women are when it comes to decor.

5. My husband is very much an outdoorsy, get down and dirty type of guy. I, on the other hand, am your classic couch potato. I'm perfectly content with being a homebody.

6. He hates English, History and Government. He would rather tinker around and figure out how things work. And...Well.... I'm a history teacher....

7. When we travel to amusement parks, Dan is the thrill seeker. He has never met a roller coaster he didn't want to ride. This girl? Total bag holder. Spinning tea cups and ferris wheels are where I'm comfortable.

8. The more meat on his pizza, the happier the boy is. But you can hold the meat for me. Actually, no meat at all and extra cheese.

9. Dan easily tans when he's in the sun. Seriously! You should see the picture on his license from when he was a lifeguard one summer. I, on the other hand, burn if I'm in direct sunlight for more than 10 minutes. I wish I was joking...

10. He tends to fall asleep laying on his back and doesn't move again until morning. I'm a total side sleeper and it takes me forever to get comfortable.

Although we have a lot of differences, they give us the ability to playfully tease each other and keep us laughing. How are you and your significant other different? Is the old adage "opposites attract" true? 

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