Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mini Vacation

Dan and I have been wanting to take a mini vacation ever since we got back from our honeymoon a year and a half ago. Get away, just the two of us, and relax. The problem? Mini vacations cost money. And since we've been working our debt snowball, vacations were never in our budget. But, since we recently paid off my car and Dan's car is the last thing on our debt snowball, we thought it was okay to reward ourselves a little bit. Nothing to extreme or over the top. Simple.

Considering Dan's last day at work is this Friday and he's got a couple days before he reports for training (more on that here), now seemed like the perfect time to escape. Some might think we're crazy. You're going to be a one income family. Are you sure you should really be spending money on a vacation right now? The way we look at it is if we don't do it now, there's no telling when the next chance will come along. But we've kept those exact thoughts in mind as we planned this trip and kept the budget low with the intentions of saving every extra penny this summer until we know what the future holds in terms of jobs and incomes.

Originally we wanted to go to the Keys, but realized that it was going to be way too expensive. So, I thought about our maps and all the places that we've said we wanted to travel to and, although it wasn't initially on our maps, came up with a semi-nearby location only a few hours away.

The beautiful, historic Savannah, Georgia. And....

....Tybee Island (yes, the place from The Last Song and The Conspirator).

We're so excited to get away for a few days and explore a new city! Since I've been out of school and home all day, I've spent lots of time online researching the local landmarks and restaurants. I seriously cannot wait to see everything Savannah and Tybee have to offer.

The next couple days I'll be getting the apartment ready and packing our bags, and hopefully this time next week I'll be back with a post full of pictures (even if they are all cell phone pics) of our adventures in Savannah and Tybee. 

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