Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weekend Adventures: Chocolate Factory

Last week I introduced everyone to our new hobby and shared some of the caches we had found that first weekend out. I mentioned that we managed to find 3 caches that first afternoon out and about. What I didn't tell you was that one of those caches involved chocolate. Yes, chocolate!

You may have caught this sneak peek on Instagram...

There is a chocolate factory (sorry, I should clarify, a Russell Stover's chocolate factory) not too far away from where we live that's located right off of the interstate. And someone decided it was the perfect place to hide a cache. Honestly, I agree - it's the perfect place. The cache is pretty easy to find with the coordinates. But then you start to think... well, we're here, so why don't we just go on in and check it out?? Yep, it pulls you in! You can practically hear the chocolate screaming your name.

The best part? Because its an outlet store, you can get the chocolate for a relatively reasonable price compared to the retail stores. Plus, they have what I like to call "whoopsie" bags with chocolate that wasn't good enough to be sold in pretty packaging. But, not so pretty packaging = deeply discounted chocolate. And, they also have candy from different holidays, so you can bet there's quite a bit of clearance items they're trying to get rid of.

Here's some of the shots that I took inside:

I must say, I was pretty disappointed the didn't have UCF chocolates :( I don't care if I don't eat pecans... it's the principle of the thing!

By the time we finished walking around and checking out the warehouse, we walked away with $2 of chocolate. Caramel Santas, marshmallow Santas, & peppermint patties. All on clearance. And totally worth the $2!

Seriously, if you're ever driving down I-75 and you're craving some chocolate, this is the place for you! The service was friendly and the options were never ending. I'm telling you what though....if more caches take us to places like this, our wallets and waistlines will not be happy with us!

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