Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Recipe Resolution: Pepperoni Stuffed Chicken

I'm back with the April installment of Recipe Resolution. Yes, I know I'm a day late. But, I did manage to make two new dishes in one night, which will count not only for April, but May as well. One thing at a time though.


This time around, we tried another recipe that involved mozzarella and pepperonis (read more about our first round here).

Doesn't that look delicious?! When I showed this recipe to the hubby, he got excited. And, surprisingly, we had most of the ingredients on hand already - just needed to pick up some more pepperoni (turkey pepperoni this time at the recommendation of the source) and mozzarella.


Step one: Start preheating your oven. Gather your ingredients. We decided to use boxed bread crumbs that we had in our pantry instead of making our own from day old bread.

Step two: Wash and trim your chicken breasts. I decided to follow the directions of the original recipe and cut each breast into two pieces. I found that it was a little tougher to create the little pocket for the mozzarella and pepperonis with the thinner pieces, but it all worked out pretty well. We each ended up eating one of the four pieces, and the hubby took the leftovers to work for lunch the last two days.

Step three: Stuff the pepperoni and mozzarella into each of the pieces of chicken.

Step four: Then, create your dipping stations. First the flour, then the egg wash (with a tiny bit of water), and lastly the bread crumbs. Be prepared to get your hands dirty!

Step five: Arrange the prepared chicken on the prepared baking sheet. We baked them for about 25 minutes. At that point, the chicken was fully cooked, but we felt like the bread crumbs needed a little bit more color on them, so we turned on the broiler on high while leaving the chicken on the middle rack. We did that for a couple minutes under close monitoring (broiling tends to burn things quickly in this household), and then pulled them out when we felt they were crispy enough.

Step six: Enjoy!

I actually think this recipe will become one of our favorites. It was super simple to make. Maybe 10 minutes of actual prep time? The flavor combinations were amazing! Something to note: our packaged breadcrumbs were lemon-pepper flavored. Although I loved the breadcrumbs themselves, I felt they were a little overpowering. I think next time we'll get simple breadcrumbs, or maybe garlic flavored. But overall, I'm giving this recipe two thumbs up!

This stuff is good. Like the wife said, I think trying it with Italian breadcrumbs might be a better route next time.

Who would have thought to stuff chicken with cheese and more meat? Oh wait, there's this little thing called Chicken Cordon Bleu... But I'm telling you, this is much better and a whole lot simpler. What are your favorite chicken recipes? Any go-to-favorites? I'm already looking for our next new recipe for June.

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