Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Little Touch of Green

Our guest bedroom is rarely ever used by guests. We had plans to host an out-of-town guest for our friends wedding, but at the last minute, she made other plans. The only other guests we've had in there is our niece and nephew (you might remember them as the ring bearer and flower girl from our wedding).

Nope. Our guest bedroom isn't really a guest bedroom. It's mainly our office space. Pretty much the only time either the hubby or I are in there is if the laptop is taken by the other person, or if he wants to play one of his simulator games.

Other than that, it's basically become the cats' bedroom. They like to sun bathe on the twin bed we have in there.

You see that square, white pillow? The one that doesn't quite match the same white tones in the comforter and pillow sham? It's actually one of those pillows that comes in a fleece blanket gift set. On the other side it a wintery scene. Yeah. It was getting on my nerves. Don't get me wrong, I like the pillow, but it just didn't fit in that spot.

A few weeks ago, the hubby and I were exploring some of the shops in the neighboring towns and we came across this little boutique.

Lucy's Upscale Resale. It's located in The Villages/Oxford area. There is a ton of stuff in there. I didn't take any pictures because I felt like the shop owner would have given me the evil eye. Why? This is The Villages, i.e. a haven for all retired people. I don't think she's use to having a twenty-something couple enter into her store. But the store is definitely one to stop by. The prices were a little high on some items, but others were priced pretty reasonably.

Like this little green gem that has found a new home on our tiny guest bed.

I saw it. Thought about it. Walked away from it. Couldn't stop thinking about it. Went back later that week. Brought it home.

I think it's originally from one of the lines at K-Mart (are these stores still open??). It cost me $4. A little high for such a small pillow. But, the color and size were perfect for what I had in mind for it. And I'm loving it even more since I did a little switcheroo with the bedding.

We washed the sheets in anticipation for a possible guest staying the night at our place. Even though the bed is rarely used by humans, as I mentioned before, it does get a lot of usage of the feline kind. What does that mean? Lots of fur...

When I pulled the pillow sham out of the dryer, I realized that it was reversible.When I originally purchased the set, the image on the packaging showed that the design carried over onto the sham. But when I opened it all up, I only saw the white. Picture me being disappointed. So to find out I was wrong all along, I was thrilled! Since the sham had the design in the larger print, I decided to flip the comforter over to also show off the larger printer.

I'm so glad I went back and picked up this little pillow. I think it definitely warms up the bed more so than the other white pillow did. And I love the stitched design in the pillow too. I think it plays off the pattern in the comforter well without clashing.

So what happened to the little white pillow? Well, it found a new home in our paupausan chair.

I love being able to update our home with resale items. There isn't much room in our budget for apartment/design upgrades, so when we're able to stretch our dollars a little bit and make small improvements, it definitely brings a smile to my face.

Anyone else out there score a cool thrift store find lately? Or maybe you found yours at a flea market? I'm dying to go to a local flea market! But it's only open on Mondays, so it'll have to wait until school is out for the summer.

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