Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Little Pop of Yellow

I wanted to stop by quickly and wish everyone a Happy Easter before the weekend goes by too quickly. The hubby and I have spent the last two days cleaning our apartment in preparation for a guest who will be staying with us next weekend. Next weekend is our friends wedding, and we offered to allow one of their out-of-town guests stay with us for a night so that they didn't have to get a hotel room. And tomorrow we plan on relaxing and enjoying a lazy Sunday around the apartment.

But you didn't think I was just going to tell you about our weekend plans did you? I want to show you my new wreath!

I have been eyeing this wreath for over a month now. I've seen similar wreaths on other doors across the blogosphere and I've waited patiently to find one in my price range. These things are normally $40 at the big chain craft stores. Their typical sales bring them down to maybe $20. But last night, I saw a sticker that said 2 for $24 and I knew I had to get one while I could.

I had to talk the hubby into it at first. One, he's not the biggest fan of wreaths or the color yellow. And two, we're already going to be shelling out some major dough this weekend for our friends nuptials, so any extra spending is like pulling teeth for the both of us right now. But once I explained that this would be the best deal we'd come across (I had watched them go on sale last year and they never went this low), he agreed. Not to mention that I told him this wreath would probably stay on our door all Spring and Summer, which meant that I wouldn't have to spend any money on another wreath for another season.

I just love the little yellow flowers! And the pop of color on our door makes me smile when we get home. A wreath is one of the few ways we can add a little "curb appeal" to our apartment.

Anyone else out there splurge on a new Spring wreath? Or maybe your adding some pops of color throughout your house to welcome in the new season?

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