Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quick Fix: Shower Liner

This past weekend, the hubby and I were starting our weekly shopping adventure at Wal-Mart. We were grabbing a shower curtain liner before we went to the grocery section. While in the aisle, the following conversation happened:

          Stranger: Hey, do you guys know much about shower curtains?

          Us: Uh... [a little weirded out] Not really.

          Stranger: Well, do you know if all shower liners have 12 holes?

          Us: Every shower liner we've ever bought has. It's pretty standard.

          Stranger: Great, thanks!

          Us: No problem [as we grab a liner and place it in our cart]

Little did we know that we had just given the guy faulty advice.... But first let me remind you what our master bathroom looks like.

Later that day the hubby went to hang up our new shower liner, and this happened:

Yeah... so apparently not all shower liners come with 12 holes in them... So what happened?

Turns out that a "stall" shower isn't the same as a standard shower. Don't know how we missed that while we were talking to Stranger... but the liner was 3 holes too short. And it was about 2-3 inches too long.

The whole point of buying a new liner was because our old one was falling victim to hard water stains and mold. Last thing we needed was for this liner to sit soaking in water at the bottom of the tub.

My solution? Take the scissors to it! At first the hubby didn't want to - he wanted to keep the magnets. But  when I cut it just under the magnets, it still touched the bottom. But after a few more snips, it is now the perfect length.

So, we'll work with our too narrow liner until it too falls victim to hard water and mold. It still functions like any other liner. The only thing we made sure to do was to leave the three empty holes towards the end of the curtain farthest from the shower head. So far, everything has worked out well.

And next time we'll read the labels before buying another liner.

Anyone else ever do this? Come on, I can't be the only person who has ever had this happen to them, can I ?

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