Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Favorites

Every week I share things from around the internet that put a smile on my face in the hopes that they will put a smile on your face too. So, without further ado...

this cute picture posted on the Single Dad Laughing Facebook page

this awesome video of a guys singing a capella

these adorable moose and fox pillows from iviebaby 

this blogger's take on how blogland is like the movie Mean Girls

this hilarious video about the craziness of #hashtags

these candy corn oreo truffles have me craving something sweet

these gorgeous green quartz earrings

this list of the weirdest state laws
(who knew men in Florida can't wear strapless gowns in public??)

and this map detailing the most screwed up thing about your state

and one that will make you cry. seriously, grab the tissues before pressing play...

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend! Dan's working this weekend, so I'll be spending two quiet days at home getting caught up on grading and lesson planning. Can't believe we're a little over a week away from the end of the first grading period being over!

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