Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Apartment Updates & A Big Purchase

Two posts in one day - I'm on a roll! This post is going to be super quick. Basically I wanted to fill you in on a couple of updates we made around the apartment as well as give you some details about a recent purchase.

The first update we made was to change out the slip cover on the love seat that was given to us by my hubby's brother and sister-in-law. Previously it had a worn out brown slip cover on it. You can kinda see a picture of it in this post from when we first moved in (it's the couch in the back corner next to the sliding glass door). Granted it did its purpose, but it was apparent that pets had been sleeping on it, and I was ready to find a new slip cover. Let me just tell you, I was shocked at how expensive slip covers are! But, I came across this guy one night and just had to bring it home.

For twenty-five bucks, I figured it was worth a shot. So, the old slipcover came off and the new one went on in its place. Its really hard to tell in the pictures (sorry, they were cell phone pics taken late at night), but its a dark grey color. I love that this slipcover is more fitting than the last one. And from the back it still looks good - the other one had some ties in the back which made it impossible to rearrange our living room like this (which we did to make room for our Christmas tree).

But onto our big purchase! Going into our wedding, we had budgeted like crazy to make sure that we could afford everything up front and not go into debt paying for a wedding. Because of that, a lot of things got put on the back burner until after the wedding. One of those things was purchasing a new mattress set. The one we had been using was my old mattress that I bought back in high school. So we're talking about 8 years ago. Let's just say that that thing creaked whenever you moved and it was sunken in the middle.

So our plan was to use whatever money we got as wedding gifts and put that towards buying a new mattress. We figured we'd have to save for a month or two after the wedding to have enough money to make the purchase. However, our family & friends were more than generous (many of them knew what our plan was after the wedding) and we had enough money to buy the mattress set out right that same weekend!

We already had done a little shopping around for mattresses prior to the wedding so that we had a ball park figure in mind of how much we would need to save. And we fell in love with the Sleep Number beds. We loved the fact that the hubby and I could customized our sides of the bed in terms of firmness. him and I can never agree on what is too firm and what is too soft in terms of a mattress. Another point our salesperson made (let me tell you, she was good!) was eventually we were going to want kids, and having the ability to adjust the bed during pregnancy was a big plus. No, we're not pregnant nor are kids in our immediate future, but considering a mattress is a long-term purchase, it was a good selling point.

So, after going back to the store and looking at the different options that were in our price range, we settled on the special that they were running at the time. I don't know what the exact model number is, but it was in between the C4 and P5 beds in terms of thickness of the foam and the pumps. The only downside is that by purchasing the special, we didn't have the 30-day money back guarantee that typically comes with their beds. Instead we had a 45-day exchange only guarantee. But, so far we are happy with the bed and don't have plans to return it. Here it is in what I like to call it's naked state shortly after it was delivered (by the way, it only took the guys maybe 10-15 minutes to take away our old mattress and set up this one - we were impressed!):

We had used gift cards to buy a new bedding set that we had registered for as well as a couple new pillows and a mattress protector. We also bought a new shower curtain  and some matching bath mats to go with the new color scheme of our master bedroom.

(can you spot Cruz?)

We've had our new bed for almost a month now, and we love it! Some of the negative aspects of the bed include only coming with one remote (we could always purchase another if we felt like spending the money) and the air pump which is used to fill the chambers within the mattress is a little on the noisy side. It also took a little while to used to sleeping on air instead of a spring mattress - you can kinda compare it to sleeping on a typical air mattress when you go camping, but its still totally different in the sense that you're not bothered by the person sharing the mattress with you and there is a ton of foam that you sleep on to cushion the space between you and the air chambers.  But all in all, I'd say that we are both very happy that we splurged and got this mattress. If our opinion changes, I'll be sure to update you later, but so far, it doesn't look like that will happen anytime in the near future.

Disclaimer: We were not paid or perked by Sleep Number to write this post. Honestly, they have no idea who I am or that this little blog exists. My opinions are totally my own and I felt like sharing them in the hopes that it might help someone else making the big decision to purchase a mattress. Yes, I could potentially get reward points or possibly even cash back for each referral I send to Sleep Number. But, considering you don't know my full name (and I don't plan on giving it out) or my customer number, I would not benefit from you purchasing a Sleep Number bed or any of their products in the future.

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