Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our Story

So, I realize that I talk about the fiance all the time, but you guys don't really know a lot about him or how we met. I mean, I understand that there is no way to truly get to know someone unless you spend some time in their lives, so some things will have simply be revealed on the blog over time. But I figured a simple introduction would be nice.

The fiance, Dan, and I met back in 2004 during our junior year of high school. We shared a single class together: American History. For the most part, I was pretty quiet in high school - mainly because I didn't know a lot of the students who I shared classes with. All of my friends were in a different magnet (sort of like declaring a major in college, we signed up for magnets), so they were in different classes. Dan ended up being one of the few people that I talked to in that class while we waited outside for our teacher to return from his daily potty break.
The last week of school, with the help of a mutual friend, I invited Dan to come to a concert at my church. I think he was a little surprised when we asked him to go - he wasn't exactly the church-going type. But, to my surprise, he actually showed up! We both had a good time that night even though we were both dreading finals the next day.
After our history final, Dan was hanging back to help out the teacher (also his swim coach) with end-of-school stuff. I wasn't really planning on hanging around, so I started making my way to the parking lot. Next thing I know I heard him calling out my name, so I turned around and saw him literally running towards me. He asked me for my number, wrote it down, stuck it in his pocket, then gave me a hug and went back to the classroom.
Let me tell you, was I excited! I had never had a guy interested in me. But, it was a short-lived happiness. Dan never called. At the end of the summer he finally reached me through our mutual friend and apologized for not calling. He had forgotten to take the phone number out his pocket before his mom threw the jeans in the wash, and the last 2 numbers had faded away. I was glad to know the reasoning behind the silence, but wasn't ready to just give in. I was going to make him work.
We had seen each other a couple of times before the start of our senior year, and were happy to see that we were going to share yet another class: Economics. We decided on day one to be business partners for our class project. The next day, in the parking lot, Dan officially asked me out. And we lived happily ever after... Well, not really. We hit a few rough patches over the years, but we've managed to work past them and get to the point we are at today.

This is the oldest pic that I can find of the two of us from high school. We're in our favorite picnic spot under this really old tree in College Park.

And this is our picture from senior prom.

So, now that you know how we met, let me tell you a little bit about the fiance. He's the youngest of 3 boys. Some days you'd think he was the oldest brother, but others you can definitely tell he's the baby of the family. He's a boy scout and was raised around cars. He went to school to be a mechanic, but realized it wasn't his passion. Instead, he went back to school to be a firefighter/EMT. While he's on the job hunt, he's working at a doctor's office. He favorite new pastime is playing hockey, and he's getting better at it everyday. Usually you can find him fiddling with some techie toy, whether its a computer, phone, or something else electronic.

He is more than I could have ever imagined in a life partner. He puts up with all of my crap and still loves me despite it all. He has an amazing sense of humor, even if I don't always understand it. He has the ability to calm me down by simply wrapping his arms around me. I have never before felt so safe in someone's arms. He makes me smile, even on the days when all I want to do is break down in tears. He was my rock when I needed him the most after my granny's passing. He's basically the perfect guy for me, and I couldn't feel more blessed!

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